Anant Ambani Lavish Dubai Mall Wedding Shopping Spree

The youngest Ambani, Anant Ambani, will soon marry his long-time girlfriend Radhika Merchant. India’s richest family celebrated the couple’s pre-wedding ceremony in Jamnagar, Gujarat, in the presence of many Bollywood stars, industry leaders, and international business leaders on April 1 and 3, 2024.

The couple was recently spotted at a Dubai mall, happily chatting about their usual business.

Anant Ambani Wedding Shopping at Dubai Mal

In a viral video, Anant Ambani and his girlfriend, Radhika Merchant, were seen at the famous Dubai Mall. The couple arrived in a black Rolls-Royce Cullinan and 20 escort cars. When an Instagram user named @ali_muntazir_n160 posted this video, the internet broke, prompting netizens to question the strict security of the wedding.

Ambani family security guard

The Ambanis are not the richest family in India, but they also live in Asia and are under death threat. In November 2023, two men from Telangana were arrested after threatening Mukesh Ambani with dire consequences if his demand of Rs 400 crore was not met. The arrest followed several threats sent to Mukesh Ambani’s company email.

After similar incidents in the past, the Ambanis were granted Z+ security, a strict security system, by the Supreme Court of India in India and abroad. Let us determine how the Ambanis are banned from it.

  • The security system has 55 personnel, including more than 10 commandos from the NSG and police.
  • They are led by domestic commandos with extensive training in martial arts and are equipped with Heckler & Koch MP5 assault rifles and modern communications equipment.
  • Additionally, Delhi Police, ITBP, or CRPF personnel accompany the Ambanis in an escort vehicle.
  • According to reports, Mukesh Ambani pays Rs 15–16 lakh per month and provides living rooms, functional kitchens, and toilets to a security guard on duty.
  • Besides, Mukesh Ambani owns special cars for security, like Range Rovers and bulletproof BMW Mercedes cars.

The highlight of this beautiful procession is undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge SUV. Priced at Rs 10 crore in India, this luxury car is a symbol of Anant Ambani’s luxurious lifestyle. It is worth noting that Anant already has the same style in his house, proving his love for luxury cars.

Videos shared on social media show Anant and Radhika’s grand procession around a grand entrance, surrounded by 20 security SUVs. Despite flaunting their wealth, the couple looks well dressed, with Anant wearing a green shirt and jeans, while Radhika is dressed in a striped top with white pants.

Filmed her running away to go shopping at Rimowa, and Anant was seen checking her precious bag.

They show a low attitude, even though they have a rich culture. Its presence in Dubai continues to attract viewers due to the extreme extremism and security details associated with youth.

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