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Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. Owned, operated and franchised restaurants that serve a variety of dishes, such as Buffalo, New York style chicken wings, rolled in one of 14 signature flavors or signature butter squares offer an atmosphere that includes media, an open bar and an open layout that calls to sports fans and families.

Its guests have the opportunity to watch sports or other events, attend Buzztime trivia or play video games on its display screen and nearly 50 other TVs in its open-plan dining experience with a restaurant and bar offering seating options for sports enthusiasts and families. Its menu includes traditional chicken wings, boneless wings and other dishes such as chicken tenders, wild flat bread, popcorn shrimp, specialty burgers and sandwiches, wraps, buffelito soft tacos , appetizers and salads

Why is Buffalo Wild Wings nicknamed BW3s?

Popular Fender joints have many nicknames, including BW3 and B-Dub. Have you ever wondered how this nickname got started?

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982 by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowry, who recently moved to Ohio from Buffalo, New York. The two couldn’t find authentic Buffalo New York chicken wings, so they decided to start a restaurant that would serve them in the Buckeye State.


The restaurant chain was originally called Buffalo Wild Wings & Wake Rolled beef , a popular New York City sandwich, serves braised beef on a juicy kummelvec crust. The first BW3 restaurant was located on High Street Columbus. In 1998, the name changed to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar.


“Parties, beer and sports” — three things that, while they’re technically on Mavlov’s list of needs , are definitely on most Americans’ wish list, especially.especially during football season! Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) was founded in 1982 and now has nearly 1,100 franchises in all 50 states, proving that these 3 simple things lead to tremendous growth and profitability as well as superior product offerings and a useful logo.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, we know that being bold with your value proposition, standing out from your competitors, and having a completely unique tone and design pays off.

What have they done to better represent them in an overcrowded restaurant market? How can your organization use its successful model? Let’s look at the 4 elements of differentiation, efficiency, communication, and design.

  1. To distinguish

BWW zigzags when most other restaurants zigzag. Countless restaurants serve excellent food that is fun, satisfying and fun. To be more specific BWW doesn’t just eat good food, he does 2 things differently.

First, the deep-fried, high-fat chicken wings on many menus are not available in most restaurants.

Second, their combination of specialty food, beer and sports reviews is very unique. You will have a hard time finding a good place to watch your team play. In other words, if you want to eat out AND watch sports, BWW is the place for you, hands down.

What else can you do that is different from your competitors?

2 Killing

There are insects. bear. About physical activity. All three are promising, and all three give excellent results.

  • Dogs: Not only do they have wonderful dogs, but they come in 16 different menus including a full menu suitable for sports games. BWW deliberately creates a menu to go with the game. Nachos, chili queso dip, potatoes, Philly cheeseburgers and steaks , will fill your hands and stomach as you cheer on the team. Check out the full menu here and see for yourself how they create a sports-friendly menu.
  • Beer: With fine glassware, a wide selection of local, imported and craft beers and well-trained bartenders, BWW takes care that fans enjoy a good swig or two (or more if their team is losing!)
  • Sports: “If you want to see it, we’ll keep it,” they promise. Each restaurant has more than 30 large HDTVs. There’s no better place to watch the game than BWW.
  1. Communication

BWW knows its target audience: sports fans and online people who want to know the game. Their customers don’t come to eat and discuss politics and life. They come to eat, have fun and cheer on their team. Knowing how their voice speaks to that audience.

In particular, their communication style is witty, humorous and engaging – very appropriate and effective. Check out these examples from their website and ads for inspiration.


Finally, let’s take a look at BWW’s design choices and how they reinforce the fun brand vibe. Check out their tour guides here.

  • Logo: Their logo is instantly recognizable. Their sacrifice is based on the wings of a wild buffalo. Others do not have a logo that makes their brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Color: It takes courage to choose yellow as the primary brand color . Not only are they difficult colors to make , but they look tacky and unattractive if not done properly. But BWW shares yellow with black and white! sharp. Not only does this provide incredible contrast, but it also adds green light to targeted areas such as call-and-action. The color yellow, which other companies adopt as the focal point color , sets BWW apart from everyone else. When you think yellow and sweet, you think BWW.
  • Script: Their 2 fonts, Aachen Bold and Trade Gothic, manage a relaxed, bold and fun vibe. The font of the block name makes it stand out and the second character is easy to read.
  • Overall, with compelling graphics, interesting shapes and layouts, and plenty of contrast, BWW follows all the best design trends to create an engaging brand to think deeply about

History of Buffalo Wild Wings

The original Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant (or B-Dubs as they like to call it) opened in 1982 in Ohio. It was started by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowry They wanted a space with wings like those offered in Buffalo, New York, where they live.

The first location was near Ohio State University and quickly became popular with college kids. Dogs, beer and games. Other restaurants were opening near other college campuses. In 1996 they had a new general manager who wanted to please the crowd. The company continued to grow, eventually going public in 2003.

They now have locations throughout the United States, the Middle East, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Can you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings if you are trying to lose weight?

It can be hard when you are trying to lose weight and be social because most social issues are directly related to food or the kitchen. So if your friends want to meet up to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings, is there anything on the menu you can eat while sticking to your weight loss plan and where? The truth is that you can get a menu, but you have to be wary of certain food items for temptation. You’ll also have to make adjustments to other food options that day in order to stay on course.

You can eat a small healthy snack beforehand to help prevent high calorie choices. Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t known for its low-calorie dishes, but with careful planning and adjustments you can eat them without inhaling your food at all

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