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In the case of securing commercial real estate loans The process has always been slow and opaque, not having the transparency and efficiency required to ensure that borrowers get the most favorable terms. Instead of spending time in completing transactions and developing business plans, borrowers are usually forced to switch between a handful of brokers and lenders trying to get the best possible result.

When it comes to obtaining a commercial loan There are four typical obstacles that lenders face:

Preferential bias resulting from the broker, borrower and lender relationships

A misalignment between a borrower and a lender. the borrower

Errors resulting from reliance on the manual or paper-based documentation, or data entry

Inability to collect, keep track of and organize important documents

We will now look at the effects these issues can impact borrowers, and how technology can help remove the hassle from the lengthy commercial mortgage loans.

Eliminating Preferential Bias

When you apply for a commercial mortgage it is common to have a broker that has relationships with a variety of lenders. Because of the lack of transparency the borrower may not know whether they’re getting the most competitive rate because of the nature of the broker and lender relationships. Even though you’re likely to be contacting several lenders, the most effective outcome from the sample could be subpar in the overall market. If a broker suggests an execution type by a particular lender, what can you do to ensure that it’s due to the fact that it’s the most appropriate to your particular project, and not due to risk for lending institution or for the commission offered to the broker?

Technology that makes the debt placement market eliminates the obscurity associated with conventional commercial loan lending. The platform lets borrowers review soft quotes from any lender who have chosen to offer them, removing any bias. When lenders are using a platform that has a an established track record of being some of the biggest and most efficient originators, consistency can be guaranteed in the terms that are provided from the time of quote and at closing.

Avoiding Misalignment

The time frame for getting an actual quote within the conventional commercial mortgage lending procedure has an incredibly wide range of variance in the conventional process, ranging between some days to a couple of months. Many things can take place during the course of the market, starting with the initial request for sizing to the hard-to-get quote which leaves the borrower in doubt of whether the loan they’re receiving is accurate and reflects the current conditions that the industry is in. Automated sizing made possible by the aid of technology eliminates this ambiguity from the process , and allows the borrowers to receive real-time pricing, supplying them with an accurate understanding of the current market.

Reducing Errors

The commercial mortgage lending procedure has always been slow, time-consuming and dependent on spreadsheets and manual data entry. This inefficient process often leaves an enormous amount of room for error that could effectively stop a loan from concluding. Technology and automation can reduce the burden of these chores to accelerate the entire process, and minimize the chance of costly errors that could stop the borrower from getting the desired result.

Mitigating Inefficiencies in Due Diligence and Communication

The process of getting a commercial mortgage an extensive process that requires a lot of documents. It is crucial for the lender to fill out all forms required with important financial information and property details to ensure a smooth procedure. It could also be an issue for brokers to keep track of the documents and keep track of the information they’ve received that they need to communicate in contact with the loanee. The more the back and forth, the greater chance of an increase in the process of loan approval.

Like the manual process of data entry the use of technology and automation could be an essential tool for efficiently capturing and tracking documents. With an easy-to-use interface, everyone both sides of the table will enjoy an easier process that is streamlined by utilizing a sole reliable source. By incorporating additional automation methods, such as chat functions and cloud elements that can be integrated into the mix, even more tasks can be simplified further, which will result in optimal efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Technology is capable of bringing the process of commercial mortgage lending to an era of 21st Century. By eliminating ambiguity and streamlining old, inefficient procedures and a more transparent market can flourish and both borrowers and lenders will be better prepared for the most favorable results.


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