Daisy drew – daisy drew onlyfans And Net Worth

Daisy Drew a 23 year old YouTuber, is born in Glasgow, Scotland. She is the creator on her channel, @Itsmedaisydrew. The reason she created the videos was to raise money for her parents in order to finish their mortgage on the house. The author earns about $1million from her OnlyFans content each year. This money is used to fund her education and also to travel around the world.

Daisy Drew, a 23-year model Scottish social media star makes money via her Instagram account, as well. She convinces as she was an intern with Young Professionals in Glasgow, UK and also attended the Kelvinside Academy. Kelvinside. She has a presence on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube, Snapchat, and OnlyFans. She has an impressive number of people following her on Twitter and other social platforms.

Daisy Drew Age:

Daisy Drew was born in Glasgow in the UK in the year 1999. Daisy is a model aged 23. is celebrating her birthday with family and friends. The model wears an White skin tone and ethnic makeup. There isn’t any information on the zodiac signs of her. She adheres to Christian tradition.

Daisy Drew Height:

She is an imposing, gorgeous and hot model. She has an attractive body form. She has a lot of acclaim among the younger generations. She’s gorgeous like a model! At 5’6” tall, she weighs 55kg. Beautiful blue eyes and a deep brown hair. She captivates all by her attractive body form. Her body shape is well-maintained and slim. Her body type is 32-24-34.

Daisy Drew Family:

Daisy Drew Brother

She was born and raised into the family of her parents in Glasgow, Scotland and now lives happily with them in London. She hasn’t revealed any details about her family’s social life. She has a brother Sean who is 29 years old. Sean began earning money from OnlyFans through his account and she was inspired by him to sign up for an account. They have been earning lots of money through their OnlyFans popular content.

Daisy Drew Education:

Daisy is a Scottish model, completed her education and earned the degree of a bachelor’s from an Private University. There isn’t any further information on her educational background.

Daisy Drew Boyfriend/Relationship:

In contrast to other social media celebrities She isn’t interested in sharing her private life. She is not currently dating and is committed to achieving her goals. She is a stickler for keeping things private and will talk about her boyfriend once the perfect time arrives.

Daisy Drew Career:

She has worked with different brand names as an ambassador, and has been in the business for many years in the entertainment business. She has a loyal crowd of followers who will purchase the items she sells through her website handles. Her products are appealing and user-friendly, and the younger boys are eager to buy her products.

Daisy Drew’s Net Worth:

The majority of her money through her social media platforms. The net worth of her is thought to be somewhere in the $800k-$1 million USD.

Daisy Drew Instagram

She is a member of an Instagram account with the username of @daisyy.drew. The account was launched on her Instagram journey in June of 2021. She became famous on her social media platform Instagram through her daring and stunning photos and videos, which went viral. Her fans from youth were thrilled with her swimsuit shoots and lingerie photos. She has a following base that is more than 324k through Instagram. Instagram (IG) Instagram account.

Daisy Drew YouTube:

In the beginning, after gaining recognition after gaining a following on Instagram, Daisy started her YouTube channel on the 2nd of January 2022. There have been eight videos uploaded by her at present. her first YouTube video “Burning 10,000 calories over just 12 hours” became popular and she began to upload other videos like this. She has over 3.65k users to her channel on YouTube, @Daisy Drew.

Daisy Drew OnlyFans:

She is a renowned model for OnlyFans. As one of the OnlyFans models, Daisy has earned a substantial amount of money from her stunning content. Her videos are produced with her older brother Sean. She began making videos on the platform to raise money to pay for the loan on her home that her father had taken out. She decided to share the videos on OnlyFans and was praised by the family members of her. Daisy together and her older Sean, her brother Sean has raised over 2 million dollars through their videos as well as attractive hot content.

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Daisy Drew Facts:

She’s a promising social media celebrity and fashion model.

She has a massive fan base across all of Social Media platforms.

She has a appealing personality with a beautiful and striking body shape.

She is a lover of travel and is a lover of exploring the beauty of the world.

Her followers love her. viewers because they enjoy comments, share, and like her content on social media.

She is often seen in her posts and updates on her social media pages.

She is awe-inspiring content creator compared to other influencers, making her unique among other influencers.

She’s persistent with her IGTV reels and posts and is very active with her fans.

She writes about her experiences on her trips with her social media.

She is a lover of pets.


What is the status of the relationship with Daisy Drew?

Single, she’s not married yet, and is not engaged.

What is the age of Daisy Drew?

Born in 1999, she will turn 23 in 2022.

Which is Daisy Drew zodiac sign?

There isn’t much information regarding her zodiac sign.

What is the highest point of Daisy Drew?

She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Where is Daisy belongs to?

The girl was born in and raised into Glasgow, Scotland.

What is the value for Daisy Drew?

The estimated net worth for 2022 is estimated at $800k to $1million USD.

The date of Daisy Drew birthday?

She was born on the 1st November 1999.

What is Daisy Drew Tiktok Id?

Her Tiktok ID is daisy.drew with her Fan base that is 490K+

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