Hokie SPA – Important Factor Should You Know

This document will walk you through the process of registering for Virginia Tech courses. University life is all about learning, which makes course registration so important. If you do not properly register for the course, you will not be able to participate in these courses. This guide will help you sign up for classes easier.

What is a Hokie spa?

Hokey SPA (Personal Student Access) is Virginia Tech’s “gateway to student, faculty, staff, and alumni information.” Hokey SPA is a website operated by Virginia Tech where any Virginia Tech can manage financial, educational and personal information related to Virginia Tech.

Essential Hokie SPA tips

  1. Student PID is a personal identifier selected by Virginia Tech students. PID occurs when a student is accepted to Virginia Tech. The PID is the primary email address for Virginia Tech students before the address.
  2. The student password is a secret code that only the student knows. A password is assigned with the student’s PID. The student’s PID and password are the primary information for accessing the Hokie SPA.
  3. A list of HokieSpa requirements that must be met before classes can be added to a student’s program.
  4. The terminology used at Hokispa applies to each month of the academic year.
  5. CRN is an abbreviation for course number. Each class has its own unique CRN to identify that class.
  6. When you sign up for a course at Hokie Spa, the course dates are shorter. The abbreviations, M,T,W,R and F stand for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  7. There are several different degrees at Virginia Tech with a bunch of courses in the curriculum all grouped together.
  8. There are several buildings on the Virginia Tech campus. Each room has its own unique name. To save space on the labels, the university created an acronym for each building. When you register for a course at Hokispa, the location of the course will only be briefly stated. The abbreviation is an abbreviation of the actual name of the building consisting of three to five letters. Currently, there is no official list of acronyms online. To find which acronym corresponds to each term, a reader can enter the acronym followed by “Virginia Tech” into an online search engine.

Some Guideline Must be Follow

Before you can begin Virginia Tech course registration you will need the following;

  • A computer with battery life and an internet connection
  • A new internet browser installed on the computer
  • The student PID and password are defined.
  • Specify the courses in which you wish to enroll
  1. The first step in registering for the course is to go to the website at hokiespa.vt.edu. Typing “Enter” and clicking the next page.
  2. When you arrive at this page, click on “Connect to Hokey Spa >>>”. Click it and the next page will be displayed; Enter your student’s PID in the box next to “Username.” Enter your student’s password next to “Password.” Once you enter the PID and password, click the “Connect” button.
  3. If the PID and password were entered correctly, you will now be logged into the Virginia Tech database. Enter the Hockey Spa. Click the Hokey Spa link at the top of the page. In the photo below, a groove around the hockey spa tab indicates its apparent location.

Once you click the tab you are now at Hockey Spa and can start booking lessons. Click on “Registration and Schedule” at Hockey Spa. Once you get to this page you will see a list of registration requirements, all of which should have a green or yellow requirements section next to them before you get started.

  1. Once you have confirmed that you have met all the requirements to enroll in the course, click “Find Course to Add” just above the enrollment requirements.

Clicking that will open a new window, and if nothing else, the current browser’s popup will have to be launched. On this page you will see a “Search by Word” option.

Select the course you want to enroll in from the list that appears. Select the correct password and click the “Submit” button.

  1. You will then see a list of names in abbreviated order. In the list of courses you want to enroll in, look for the course summary next to it. Browse the list of names on the website until you find a match.

Click on the desired topic and click on “Course Search”. Click on Course Search and you will see a list of courses offered in subjects of interest.

Find the desired section and click the “Show Section” button to view the specific section section. Check out each of the available classes and choose a full curriculum to enhance. Click the down arrow of the “Select” tab to add the selected category. Click “Add to Spreadsheet” at the bottom of the page.

This step will take you to a new page detailing your schedule display, click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the page. You have now successfully added a category.

  1. To add the rest of your classes, just repeat lesson 5 for each class. Take a look at the dates and times for each session. Hokey SPA doesn’t allow you to overlap class periods, so you have to create a schedule that the periods work on.

Remember for every room in the building, you need plenty of time to get to and from the room.

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