Regardless of what people may think, a property inspection is a difficult task. The officers inspect properties of different types and take notes to use it later. Now, with the help of modern technology, one can be more efficient at this job. One can save time and money if one uses the tools correctly. But being efficient at one’s job is more than just using the right tools. It is about communication and determination to do more. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips for becoming a more efficient property inspector.

Know Your Job: You can’t be efficient at your work if you don’t know what you are supposed to do. But one might say, “why state the obvious? Anyone who is a property inspector knows their job role; they know what they are supposed to do.” But then again, many people don’t. Many officers believe they are to only inspect government properties and report violations. In addition to that, they must remember communication with the tenants is an important aspect of their job.

  • Officers must be cordial and calm while dealing with a tenant’s complaints. The interactions may get heated, and tenants may show their frustrations, but officers should stay calm and collected.
  • 40 hours workweek is common in this field of work. An inspector must file minute details that can be useful in the future. Keeping records intact is another huge responsibility that comes with the job title.
  • You must have sound knowledge of welding, construction errors, and more. You must have in-depth knowledge to spot wrong construction or violation of laws.

Use Of Modern tools: You can’t do a current job with old tools. A pen and paper won’t cut it when you are out in the field inspecting properties. An officer is expected to record intricate details about each unit and analyze them later. Even using Excel sheets becomes difficult in some situations. Excel sheets do not work well on mobile devices. For example, you might be in the field inspecting houses and the damages done to them. You have to upload detailed data with pictures. You can’t carry a laptop with you everywhere. So, it becomes difficult for one to use an excel sheet. Instead, you may check out code enforcement software that is designed specifically for the purpose of better inspection.

  • Not everyone is good with excel sheets because of how complicated excel sheets can be.
  • Enforcement software allows tenants to lodge a complaint without much hassle.
  • The software is easy to navigate and makes the workload easier. For example, you might want to navigate houses that breach the city construction laws. You can easily do that with the click of a few buttons. Most of the houses you inspect will not break the city protocol. Therefore, finding the ones that did might be difficult. But the software makes it easier to spot specific data.

Inter-Department Communication: When people talk about an efficient government department, they mean the department works well in solving an issue. A department must work with other departments to solve an issue fast and create a fast-problem-solving method.

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