https aka ms remoteconnect error

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the entire world with millions of active players and also it is one of the most selling games of all time.

If you are a real Minecraft fan, you would certainly like how this video game is easily accessible on a series of various tools and devices. All you need to log in to the devices with your Microsoft account. Currently right here’s when things begin to get a bit tricky!

If you are a regular Minecraft player then You definitely know about HTTPS aka ms remote connect error.

A regular console gamer finds numerous issues and maintains looking for different methods to resolve them. Naturally, we didn’t want anyone to interrupt us while playing high-end games. Let’s state you are about to begin Minecraft using your Microsoft account on your console, and also you see the display declining your login qualifications. How would you really feel? Irritated, right?

When you are enjoying your favorite Minecraft games sometimes https aka ms remote connect error arrives. Well, this is not a serious issue, it can be fixed easily. In this article, we will provide you step by step guidance on how to solve the https aka ms remote connects error and successfully connect your X box ps4 and other gaming consoles without any interruption.

What exactly is HTTPS aka ms remote connect error?

Microsoft users can avail the feature of cross-play gaming on the game Minecraft. This enables you to connect your Microsoft account on multiple devices including x Xbox and ps4. It is a Bug dealt with on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition. Minecraft gamers who want to play the game on different devices for the first time utilizing the Microsoft account mostly encounter this error. Due to this error, they are not being able to cross-play with the use of Microsoft accounts.


Why does this error arrive?

Due to inaccessible files on the game

Sometimes this error arises due to unusual and inaccessible files present on your game and   Minecraft account could not connect on different devices and as a result, they show this error.


Due to security reasons

Considering that Minecraft can be played on multiple platforms, you will need to connect your Microsoft account to the Minecraft multiplayer web servers on these game consoles. Prior to you certainly have the ability to use this video game sustains, you have to require a Microsoft account. but sometimes they do not detect the authorization. They block the URL for security reasons and display it means they are demanding the 9 digit activation code for the successful connection of your Microsoft account on the particular devices on which you want to play.

How to fix this Error easily-Best 3 methods

Method 1

If the bug is arisen due to an authorization code

Step 1

Introduce your Minecraft game on PS4 or X box.

Step 2

Click on “Multiplayer Access” in your game on a pc gaming console

Step 3

A punctual message will appear with a code as well as a web link to accredit your account

Step 4

Next off, you have to take down the code that appears on your display when you open the Minecraft multiplayer to gain access.

Step 5

Now you need to open any web browser and also log into your Microsoft account from

Step 6

On the exact same web browser, open,and on that a new home window appears where you will certainly need to paste the code that you kept in a note earlier.

Step 7

Finally, you need to consent to the terms and conditions showing up on your screen, and after that, you will certainly be able to play Minecraft on your PS4 or X box without any sign-in error.

Method 2

If the bug arises due to inaccessible files

The cross-play function of Minecraft is readily available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox. As discussed earlier, this attribute brings up different problems, one of which is link error; as a result, you have to have a grip on dealing with cross-play concerns on both PS4 as well as Xbox. It is necessary to keep in mind that the Xbox users need to download and install the game file from the main store, on the note the PS4 users have to download the correct game files from the PS4 store.

Method 3

By installing the updated version of the game


You can utilize this strategy to install the current version of the Minecraft game as well as easily log in to play without any concerns.

Step 1-Open up the setups option.

Step 2– After that, click the Storage space alternative.

Here you will find 2 video game data that require to be deleted.

Step 2-Remove these files as well as reactivate the game. Hopefully, all this step certainly fixes the error.

What to do if any of the above methods will not work.


If the above-discussed method will not work then you need to contact the Minecraft support team via

They will review your problem and definitely provide you the best possible solution to fix this error.



We know that we can’t play Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The Bedrock version includes fewer highlights. Alongside these sorts of pests, interactivity is downhearted. It’s merely an activation code problem for security purposes. Error will certainly be fixed by utilizing this strategy. is an error that will certainly appear when you are playing Minecraft on the PS4 bedrock variation. It is most generally observed when gamers are looking to gain access through Microsoft accounts.

As a part of the security procedure, the URL will certainly be blocked when signing up as well as the system will certainly ask you to give a 9 digit activation code for that. Players who fall short to get in the code will not be enabled access to Minecraft.

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