If you’re looking for an innovative way to improve your writing skills and hone your creative craft, then look no further than the YouTube channel “Write with Jenna”. Jenna Moreci, the host of the channel, offers a unique approach to storytelling that focuses on the importance of story structure, dialogue, and tone of voice.

Through her variations of weekly video lessons, Jenna utilizes clear, easy-to-understand concepts to break down the craft of writing into simple steps. In her video “Write with Jenna – Word Choice and Tone of Voice”, Jenna highlights the crucial element of how words can shape a story and its tone.

The video begins by discussing the roles of each character in a story and how their respective word choices will create the tone of the overall narrative. Jenna then talks about the tension that must be maintained by the author in order to enhance the story with constantly shifting dynamics. She encourages the viewer to be cognizant of the existing environment of the story and use that to their advantage in creating an effective yet captivating narrative.

Jenna emphasizes the influence of different pronouns, verb tenses, and sentence structures on the tone of a story. She goes on to provide examples of how each of these components contribute to the overall flavor of a story. For example, she highlights the differences between active and passive verbs and how manipulating the given choice of words can affect how the reader perceives a character or scene.

In conclusion, Jenna Moreci’s video “Write with Jenna – Word Choice and Tone of Voice” offers an insightful perspective on storytelling and the importance of using words to establish the intended atmosphere of a story. By following Jenna’s professional advice, viewers can improve their writing and create effective and captivating stories that invoke emotion and generate interest from any reader.

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2. If your goal is to transform your toddler into a fabulous singer, then you should check out the “Learn to Sing For Kids” video by Kids Learning Tunes. With the help of the Kid’s Learning Tunes team, the video breaks down the fundamentals of singing and provides children with a methodical and fun introduction to singing.

The video, which is near three minutes in length, is designed to help young children recognize and appreciate the basic elements of singing. It starts with a fun introduction about singing that engages children, teaching them about the importance of tone and how to use their voices correctly. The video then progresses through how to breathe in preparation for singing, and goes into further detail on how to use the diaphragm to support the voice.

In addition to the tutorials, the video includes several sing-alongs for its viewers. With the help of their teacher and a few simple steps, toddlers can learn to sing some popular tunes such as “Skip to My Lou” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” The video includes simple instructions on how to sing the song and provides visuals of kids singing the melody to assist. Overall, the Kid’s Learning Tunes video “Learn To Sing For Kids” is perfect way to introduce toddlers to the fundamentals of singing. It provides children with an introductory lesson that is both informative and fun, as well as a few songs to practice their new skills. If your toddler is interested in singing, this video is an excellent resource to get them started.

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3. Are you looking for an innovative way to get your creative juices flowing? If so, check out “Creative Spark,” a new YouTube video by artist Jiyong Kim. Available on the company’s YouTube channel, this five minute video offers viewers a new and exciting way to get creative by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and explore their skills.

The video starts with Kim standing in a minimalist environment, demonstrating a quick and effective warm up exercise. He encourages viewers to focus on the environment around them, an approach which sets up the rest of the video, by demonstrating the need to be in tune with the environment, to open up to all forms of input that can stimulate and inform creative thinking.

The video then moves on to discuss the importance of experimenting with various art media, such as pencil and paper, or digital painting tools. Kim stresses that trying different materials gives the artist a broader range of experience, improving the end result and enhancing the creative process. He talks through a number of exercises he has come up with over the years that can be used to hone your craft.

Next, Kim provides some guidance on how to identify good sources of inspiration, such as books and other visual media, and how to reflect upon these sources to help shape the artistic vision. He also touches on the importance of staying true to your style, as well as the need to appreciate that every artist has their own unique style and approach.

Finally, Kim concludes the video by offering some tips on how to make the most of the artistic process, including mastering the basics, letting the creative process comes naturally, and finding enjoyment in the creative experience.

The video provides viewers with a wealth of creative suggestions, delivered in an enjoyable and informative manner. Jiyong Kim is clearly an experienced artist, and his insight on how to get creative and make the most of the creative process makes for a great introduction for those looking for a creative spark.

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4. People looking to improve their vocal practice often turn to instructors for guidance and support. For those interested in a more independent approach, Japan’s Yamakoto vocal training program is an excellent option. The program is available for free on YouTube and features vocal exercises that involve short syllables and humming. In this video, authors and music professionals Tomoyuki Heya and Misaki Iwasawa show beginners how to use Yamakoto to increase vocal range, power, and fluidity.

The video starts off with a general explanation of the program, which consists of simple and straightforward exercises and requires just five minutes of practice a day. Most importantly, Heya and Iwasawa emphasize the importance of performing the exercises correctly. They provide guidance on how to produce the right tones and how to practice the exercises while controlling rhythm and breath.

The basic exercise demonstrated in the video requires the singer to say vowels in a series of quick syllables with a closed mouth. This helps develop agility and rapidity of speech. Additionally, the vocalists use a hummed sound to enhance their vocal range and resonance. Finally, Heya and Iwasawa demonstrate advanced exercises that involve a double vibration of the curved lips and tongue, which helps improve accuracy and precision of pronunciation.

Yamakoto’s vocal training program is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of singing. With its straightforward exercises and simple instructions, it’s easy for anyone to make progress. With regular practice and attentive listening, this program can help singers gain confidence and control over their voice.

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5. Womb Healing is gaining popularity as an alternative health modality that utilizes sound as a form of healing for people of any gender. Recently, a Youtube video featuring renowned vocal practitioner Nicolle Richards demonstrates how Sound Healing with Womb Meditation and Sacred Sound can be used to address physical, spiritual, and emotional issues that arise from trauma experienced in the womb, as well as life circumstances.

The video, which was released in March 2021, begins with Nicolle Richards explaining the context of Sound Healing and its role in healing trauma, specifically trauma experienced in the womb. According to Richards, trauma stored in the womb can manifest in many ways, including physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. To help address these issues, she utilizes a combination of traditional vocal practice and sound healing to help move the energy and release any blocked energy─ either from birth trauma or from life events that have occurred in adulthood.

Richards goes on to explain how Womb Meditation and Sacred Sound supports the natural healing process and serves as an opportunity for people to reconnect with their feminine energy and the powerful energy of the womb. Through a combination of vocal techniques and sound, participants are able to heal and release energy blocked in their bodies, allowing for a deeper connection with their femininity.

Furthermore, Richards has developed a series of sound meditations and yoga practices that can help participants to work through their birth trauma. These meditations and practices provide a space of safety to meditate and open the body while allowing participants to feel connected to their emotions. In addition, the sound meditations and practices help bring awareness to any traumas that have been locked away in the body and assists in the healing process.

For many, the idea of using sound as a healing modality may seem complicated and uncomfortable, but according to holistic healer Nicolle Richards, participants can feel a sense of relief and healing after just a few sound healing sessions. With sound healing being viewed as an effective form of therapy, it may be a great way for individuals to strengthen their physical and emotional wellbeing.

To learn more about the Womb Healing process and how it can be used to heal from trauma, be sure to watch the full video featuring Nicolle Richard’s introduction to Sound Healing with Womb Meditation and Sacred Sound on YouTube.

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