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Ever heard of Ines De Ramon? If your answer is no. Then you must have heard or known ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Paul Wesley. So, Ramon is the love of Wesley’s life.

While next to no is pondered the administration, the couple was recognized all over town with planning wedding rings in February 2019. While there was a huge load of hypotheses enveloping Wesley, 37, and Ines de Ramon‘s private relationship, they had the alternative to pull off getting hitched without anyone getting it — which, in the current day and age, is really imperative.


Ramon was brought into the world in the year 1992. Her cause is in Los Angeles, California. Most of the information about the first experience with the world date, gatekeepers, and early life isn’t known. She has one sister, and she has done her mentoring at a non-government-funded school. Later on, she pondered her high-level training at the University of Geneva. She proceeded onward from a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Personal Life and Husband:

In 2019, Ines married an American performer Paul Wesley who made her presentation acting in Vampire Diaries. Paul was brought into the world on 23rd July 1982 in New Brunswick. He has completed 37 years of age now, and his unique name is Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski. From the start, the couples were keeping up their marriage secret from the media. The media and the general population got this news in February 2019. The couple shared an organizing wedding ring and got hitched. The news channels have attested this current couple’s association to be substantial. It was seen that the couple was dating for a long time before they decided on marriage. Nonetheless, the couple never revealed that they were dating to everyone. Thusly, there is no information about the marriage date and spot.

However, before Paul’s marriage, he occupied extramarital relations with his enduring ex Torrey DeVitto. She is an American performer, model, craftsman, and creator and besides a nice altruist. Here is the Family Life of Paul Wesley’s Wife, DeVitto married Paul in April 2011 in New York. Their marriage has happened in a fabulous strategy for merriment. Regardless, later on, the couple got confined in July 2013 in light of specific mistakes. In December 2013, the couple got their detachment genuinely. By then, Paul began to date Phoebe Tonkin, co-star of The Vampire Diaries. The couple was dating for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time with numerous high focuses and depressed spots in their relationship ultimately isolated their strategies. At long last, Paul met Ines and started dating her clandestinely, and married her later.

Ines De Ramon – Career:

Going to the calling of Ramon, she is outstanding as a healthy sweetheart. She is at present filling in as a prosperity tutor and health fan. She works as a prosperity tutor in her wellbeing network. Nevertheless, various things about her calling were not available. Her accessory was a performer, and most of the bits of knowledge concerning Paul are available on the web. He acted in various movies like Late Bloomer, A Sting in My Heart before I Disappeared, and Amira and Sam, etc The performer similarly won various distinctions in his calling up until now, for instance, the Teen Choice Awards and Young Hollywood Awards. He is as of now working in Capital Entertainment.

Social media presents

Here are not many Facts about her, according to her LinkedIn page, Ramon imparts in five lingos: German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Since the sum of the tongues were worked out in French on her page, we trust it’s secured to expect that French is her first language and possibly where she’s from.

It’s similarly secured to express that imparting in various tongues was tremendous notwithstanding for Wesley, who was bound to Polish watchmen, Tomasz and Agnieszka Wasilewski. Notwithstanding the way that he encountered adolescence in New Jersey, he moreover experienced four months reliably in Poland until he was 16 and acknowledges how to convey in the language.

It is tangled when the broadly private couple got hitched. Wesley and de Ramon were first observed together in June 2018 after a dinner date in the Big Apple. Neither of them has transparently commented on their relationship they actually can’t make their privileged pathway debut, in any case, the performer has shared a couple of sweet photos of his love on Instagram. In September, he moved a snap of de Ramon overlooking NYC’s Feast of San Gennaro from a display.

Hypothesis about the couple’s relationship status was begun as of late when photos surfaced of the pair wearing planning rings on that monstrously critical finger.

Taking everything into account, the couple had the choice to make a significant step in their relationship furtively—starting not very far in the past!

The pair as of now can’t walk a privileged pathway together. In addition, if you trust you will see the pair all over Instagram, you may be in a tough situation.

At the same time, being half of a power couple can be a huge lift for renowned individuals who are building their Hollywood legacies — and it’s also simply adorable to see couples who make critical associations last. Picking the sum to reveal about their own lives is an extreme line to walk around lots of notable people, and that loosens up to who they are dating and to a great extent even who they marry.

Net Worth

However, it is not known how much Ramon’s net worth is. But her husband, Paul Wesley’s net worth is almost $6 million.

While a couple of large names decide to place their private lives on display to benefit their fans’ advantage, others remain close-lipped regarding things. With respect to The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley and his marriage, the secret is apparently the methodology.

Fans have been left estimating about Wesley’s friendship life for a seriously long time. At one point, he was unfeasibly associated with singular Vampire Diaries performer Phoebe Tonkin, nonetheless, the hit or miss, the relationship appeared, apparently, to be off for adequate eventually in 2017.

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