Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev underwent emergency brain surgery in Delhi

Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev underwent emergency brain surgery at a Delhi hospital after suffering from severe brain swelling and bleeding. This spiritual teacher is currently recovering from the operation and showing “steady progress” as he has repeatedly improved his “vital parameters,” said the chief physician of the Apollo Hospitals who, shortly after the announcement of this news, posted on many acquaintances’ and personalities’ social networks, wishing Sadhguru a speedy recovery.

In a video posted on his social media account, Jaggi Vasudev talks about his life in a coma. “The neurosurgeons at Apollo Hospitals opened my head to try to find something, but they found nothing – it was empty. So they left it and straightened it. The head was cut off in Delhi Sadhguru was heard saying in a video.

This spiritual master had been suffering from severe headaches for four weeks. But he avoided pain and continued his normal activities, said Dr. Vinit Suri, senior neurologist at Apollo Hospitals. He was advised to have an MRI, which revealed a large brain hemorrhage.

“Sadhguru fulfilled his duty on Mahashivratri, despite serious injuries.

And was arrested in March, he was very ill.” The Isha Foundation’s Mahashivratri event brought together thousands of people at the yoga center and thousands online.

The headache got worse on August 15th. The doctor eventually recommended an MRI, which Sadhguru had initially refused on his earlier promise.

“But an MRI was done later, and the MRI showed he had a huge bleed in the brain. It’s outside the brain and the bones. He had two major bleeds, one three years ago weeks and that’s it.” “It happened about two or three days ago,” Suri said.

The 66-year-old teacher is the founder of the Isha Foundation, which launched campaigns such as ‘Save Soil’ and ‘Rally for Rivers’ to protect the environment. He had been suffering from headaches for four weeks. 

Despite his serious injuries, he continued his normal daily activities and social activities and participated in the Maha Shivaratri celebrations on April 8, the statement said. He developed a headache on August 15 when he contacted Dr. Vinit Suri, senior neurologist at the hospital, said. Suri immediately suspected an underlying hematoma and immediately recommended an MRI, he said. 

The same day, the spiritual leader underwent a brain MRI, which revealed a massive brain hemorrhage. “It took three to four weeks of heavy bleeding and new blood within 24 to 48 hours,” the statement said.

Sadhguru checked himself into the hospital and changed his treatment plan after being advised to do so. However, he had important meetings scheduled for April 16, so he decided to complete them with the help of painkillers, even though he was crying.

On April 17, his level of consciousness decreased and his left leg became weak. He was then admitted to the hospital under the care of Dr. Suri. A scan revealed severe brain swelling, and it was decided that an operation was necessary.

Sadhguru is being managed by a team of doctors led by Dr. Vinit Suri, along with Dr. Pranav Kumar, Dr. Sudheer Tyagi, and S. Chatterjee. On May 17, he underwent emergency brain surgery to remove blood from his brain, as stated in the press release.

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