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Jake Andrich, a famous Canadian model, and internet sensation was introduced to the world on November 7, 1996. Also, he is known as Jakipz and is currently living within Edmonton, Alberta. In addition being a model the entertainer is also a part of his work and an Instagram-based celebrity. He has a name through TikTok, Youtube, Twitter social media platforms too. He is a well-known TV face and media web series actor, as well as entertainer.

Jake Andrich became the talk in the town because of his hot content and posted it through his various social accounts. The content is posted in a separate source of entertainment. He is well-known in YouTube for his regularly scheduled workout routines and discussions with his followers. His workout videos have gained a large fan base.

He launched his TikTok account in 2020 and has since gained massive recognition in Canada via the medium. Before he was tagged as an artiste, he put in an intense amount of job during his time in Canada for a considerable period of time, and was involved in many things. Posts to Instagram along with other media platforms have been viewed as viral due to his huge following of fans. His videos went popular on social media.

Jake Andrich Age:

Jake arrived on the scene on the 7th November, 1996. In 2022, the Canadian well-known model and actor is aged 25.

Jake Andrich Height:

He stands 5-foot-9 inches high Canadian star. The height of his is 1.75 Meters and 175cm in centimeters.

Jake Andrich Weight:

He is a non-veg fan who weighs around 70 kg. The gorgeous and attractive model is gaining popular thanks to his body and shapely form. He has a fitness routine with his followers.

Jake Andrich Family:

He has not been involved in discussion about his family through social media. According to the sources, he is living with his parents happily in Canada. His love for his family is not revealed through posting photos of relatives on his Facebook accounts. He has an older sister believed that she is 1.5 years older than him. He is a believer in Christian tradition and is of different ethnicities.

Jake Andrich Girlfriend/Relationship:

Jake is a young and hot Canadian model. His well-maintained physique attracts huge female fans. Female fans of his are eager to learn about his status as a couple. Jake isn’t keen on giving out his personal information through social media. Jake hasn’t shared much information about his romantic life.

With the intention of being established the status of a well-known person, Jake is not yet engaged in the craze and is still single. He also does not share any details about his previous relationships. He is in the process to a higher level in his profession at present.

Jake Andrich Education:

He completed his elementary education at a private school located in Alberta, Canada. The exact details of his post-secondary education is still to be found. He had a keen interest in the world that involved fashion as well as modeling from his time in school and had aspirations to do the similar.

Jake Andrich Career:

When he was done with the course, he began working 16 hours per week as trader. He has not been embarrassed to be plumber, carpenter, as well as an operator of heavy equipment. According to sources, he’s an engineer operating heavy equipment.

Jake Andrich Instagram:

People search for Jake Andrich’s Instagram? Jake has a large fan base of over 1 million people following his Instagram account @jakeandrich. Jake is extremely engaged with his followers via his regular posts. He has posted the pictures of his body tattoos that are very appealing. His posts showcase his amazing body transformation in the span of three years!

Jake Andrich TikTok :

Jake created his TikTok account at the start of 2020. The account has over 11.1 million followers in 2022. His lip-sync-related videos have an impressive amount of viewers on his Instagram account. He posts videos about his life, style and modeling and so on. through his TikTok account, @jakeandrich. He has made it clear in his videos his suspicions of being gay. This came into the spotlight when he posted a label with gay as well as LGBTQ on December of 2018 that he was straight.

Jake Andrich OnlyFans:

Jake has an account on OnlyFans which is a paid per-month entertainment. He earns money from every specific post that he receives from his subscribers. He is referred to as Jakipz and has over 1 million followers. He publishes his hot videos often on the platform, earning an enormous amount of cash. The cost is around $13 per month for his subscription and offers 5 percent discount when you bundle a subscriptions.

He discussed his fans’ affection for his feet through the comments and likes received through his social media channels, when he was interviewed. To keep them looking good the condition, he has lots of time in the Spa for a pedicure. Your feet are always hydrated. He quit his job that required him to work 16 hours per week for his postings to the OnlyFans account, which allowed him raise a significant amount.

Jake Andrich YouTube:

He launched his account on YouTube under the name “Japikz” on the 14th of January 2019. He has over 400k subscribers to the YouTube channel. His videos focus on his workout routine and keeping his body’s shape. The first video he uploaded “Channel Intro/Instagram disabled” boasts 1.7 million views in April 2022. The Twitter profile of @japikz is followed by 1.1 million users.

Jake Andrich’s Net worth (Income):

Jake has made a decent amount of money through his social media accounts. Jake has stated that he will not waste the money earned by his clothes or food. He has invested the money in real estate, stocks and real estate. He earns lots of money through his OnlyFans account as well as his TikTok page. His net worth (income) believed to be between $ 4 and 5 million.

Little-known facts About Jake Andrich:

He is a fan of non-veg foods and has healthy eating habits to maintain his body form.

He goes to the gym six times each week, focusing on his leg and upper body exercises.

The house was purchased before posting to the OnlyFans account, according to the sources.

He was spotted in the short film ‘Leg Day’ with Japikz which was released in the year the year 2019.

He is a fan of the celebration of Christmas and has celebrated with his family by decorating their Christmas trees and giving gifts.

He enjoys traveling across the globe and explore these in his spare time.

He has expressed his affection for mirror images through his blog posts.

He is a member of the Scorpio zodiac sign, and also has Canadian nationality.

Jake Andrich FAQs:

Who is Jake Andrich?

He is a young , hot Canadian model. The model is an avid Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter media superstar. He has a attractive personality as well as a stunning body with tattoos all over his body.

What is the ethnicity of Jake Andrich?

He is of mixed ethnicity. He is an Canadian National currently residing in Alberta, Canada.

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