Top 3 Ways To Buy A Used OK 12IN M7

ok 12in m7

Many Apple laptops are still in stock. If you saw the Macbook 12in M7 recently, you might be wondering if it is worth your while. There are better options available right now.

You need to learn everything you can about the macbook 12in M7 before you decide to buy it.

We have provided a comprehensive overview of the macbook 12in M7 to help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to buy it in 2022.

What is the Macbook 12 Inch Model M7?

The Macbook 12in M7 2 core laptop was launched in early 2016. This laptop is for people who plan to do light tasks with their laptops. It can stream the internet, listen to music, use it as a storage device or make or view documents. This laptop has only 2 cores, so it isn’t very useful and you won’t be able to do many things with it.

Macbook 12in M7 Specifics

These are the specifications of the Macbook 12in M7.


Retina display

12-inch LED-backlit LCD display with IPS technology.

2304-by-1440 resolution, 226 pixels per in

16:10 aspect ratio

Supported resolutions

1440 by 909

1280 by 800

1024 by 640



1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M3 processor (TurboBoost up to 2.GHz) with 4MB L3 cache

Configurable up to 1.3GHz dual core Intel Core m7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz and 4MB L3 cache.


Dual-core Intel Core M5 processor at 1.2GHz (Turbo Boost upto 2.7GHz) and 4MB L3 cache

Configurable up to 1.3GHz dual core Intel Core m7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz and 4MB L3 cache.


8GB LPDDR3 1866MHz onboard memory


1.1GH 256GB onboard flash storage with PCIe-based

1.2GHz, 512GB PCIe flash storage onboard

Size and weight

Height: 0.014-0.52 inches (0.35-1.31cm)

Width: 11.04 inches (28.05cm)

Depth: 7.74 inches (19.65cm)

Weight: 2.03 pounds (0.92 kg)

Graphics and video support

Intel HD Graphics 515

Macbook 12in m7

Get free apps with the Macbook 12in M7 laptop

These are the included apps for the Macbook 12in M7 laptop.













App Store






Technical Information About the MacBook 12in M7

These are the technical details about the MacBook 12in M7.

Maker Apple

Series MacBook 12 inch

Item model number MLHA2LL/A

Hardware Platform Mac

Operating System MacOS 10.12 Sierra

Item Weight 3.41 pounds

Package Dimensions: 16.85 x 12.4x 3.78 inches

Color Gray

Intel Processor Brand

2 – Processor Count

Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM

Hard Drive Interface ATA

Who Should Buy The Macbook 12inM7?

You should do your research if you plan to buy the Macbook 12in M7 in 2022. This laptop is not designed for everyone who uses the internet.

The laptop uses the m7 chip which is a different-based processor. You can now get high-efficiency processors at an affordable rate. This means that you probably have an idea of what you would do with your laptop.

This laptop is fine if you only plan to watch videos and listen to music on it. However, if you’re looking to make videos, edit videos and do other heavy tasks, you should not consider this option.

Do You Need to Buy This Laptop in 2022?

We don’t recommend that you buy this laptop if it is being sold at the same price as when it was first released. This can negatively impact your productivity. Instead of buying this laptop, choose something better and ensure that you are aware of all options available to you with a similar budget.

We recommend that you buy the laptop if it is very affordable. It is recommended that you only purchase the laptop if you plan to use it to watch movies, browse the internet, read articles, save some pictures, or listen to songs through it. We wouldn’t recommend this laptop to anyone else.

Macbook 12in M7 Overview

These are the most important facts about the Macbook 12inM7

Introduced Date: April 19, 2016.

Discontinuation Date: June 5, 2017

Processors: 1 (2 Cores)

Architecture: 64-Bit

Geekbench 2 (32): 7278

Geekbench 2 (64): 8464

Geekbench 3 (32): 2812

Geekbench 3 (32): 5780

Geekbench 3 (64): 3001

Geekbench 3 (64): 6518

Geekbench 4 (SC): 3287

Geekbench 4 (MC): 6507

Geekbench 5 (SC): 656

Geekbench 5 (MC): 1417

Processor Speed: 1.3 GHz

Type of Processor: Core m7 (M7-6Y75).


The Macbook 12in M7 price should be considered before you make a purchase. There are better laptops out there that you could choose if your budget is more than $1000. This is why we don’t recommend this laptop. You can get this laptop free of charge or for less than $400. However, you need to remember that this laptop is limited in what you can do. This laptop is not recommended for people who want to stream movies, listen to music, or read articles. This laptop will not be of much use in 2022 due to its low core count.

Are you a Macbook 12in m7 owner? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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