Rohit will put his hand on my shoulders

Hardik Pandya to take over as MI captain

Pandya decision to give up the Gujarat Titans captaincy and replace Rohit at the helm of Mumbai Indians certainly pleased a section of the fans.

Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya on Monday said Rohit Sharma will continue to inspire him in the IPL despite an unexpected change in management announced by the franchise ahead of next season, which has sparked “backlash” from the fans.

Pandya, who led the Gujarat Titans for the last two seasons, returned as the captain of Mumbai India in the 2024 edition. After leading Mumbai India to five trophies, Rohit was suddenly replaced by Pandya for the following season.

“He won’t be any different. He will always be there to help. He said he was the captain of the Indian team, which helped me because that team has been successful under him… ever since.” He deserves it (because) he won, I have to continue like this,” Pandya said while speaking to the media.

“I don’t think there will be anything wrong or different, it’s funny because we’ve been playing for 10 years, I’ve played with him my whole career and he should always be by my side,” he declared.

Pandya’s decision to give up the Gujarat Titans captaincy and replace Rohit at the helm of Mumbai India certainly pleased a section of the fans.

“Coming back… Of course we respect the fans, but at the same time, we focus on the sport and what’s important. We focus on the things that can be controlled and not on the things that we can’t control,” said Pandya. 

“At the same time, we are very grateful to the fans. A lot of honor and love comes from them, and they are entitled to it, and I respect their opinion,” he said. Pandya, however, said he has not met Rohit in the last two months and will speak to the former captain when the team begins work on a practice match this Monday. “Yes and no. He went to play,” Pandya said when asked if he spoke to Rohit. “We are professionals. Whenever the team gets together…we play cricket…we don’t see each other for a few months. When the IPL starts, that happened for us today.” “When the practice match takes place, we will discuss it,” he said.

The star will make his return to top-level cricket in the IPL after undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation following an ankle injury suffered during the ODI World Cup in October.

“I have no problem with my body. I plan to play all the matches. I haven’t missed many matches in the IPL. Technically, I have been out for three months. That’s it. It was an unusual injury. I can’t do anything. And me: “I tried to cover the ball and ended up getting injured,” Pandya said.

The 30-year-old enjoyed instant success as captain of the Gujarat Titans and is expected to add another one to his silverware upon his return to the prestigious Mumbai tournament.

“The hope will always be for Mumbai Indians. We have to focus on the plan. If we don’t win tomorrow, we will have to wait two months and see how we prepare, how we meet. We play in a city where everyone is happy,” he said with a smile.

Coach Mark Boucher, who was in the press conference with Pandya, was also asked about Rohit and his future role.

“Rohit is in great form. I hope Ro goes out and does his duty. We saw him beat England, he fought well,” Boucher said.

The Mumbai Indians coach hopes that the amount of cricket played by the team in recent months will have a positive impact on the IPL.

Fortunately, there was cricket – more

“There are obviously injuries that we have to deal with. We are trying to find a team role for the new players. We are in a good position as a team. We are trying to give the whole team what she wants to play,” said the former South African cricketer.

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