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Last time director SS Rajamouli managed to grab the audience’s attention in 2017 with Baahubali: The Result. It took her five years to get pregnant, shoot and bring her upcoming film RRR (also dubbed in Hindi) to the silver screen. The multi-starrer with Jr NTR and Ram Charan in lead roles sounds like a success. But when it comes to storytelling, Rajamouli can do anything.

RRR works on a relatively simple premise. “Aaj” is Ramrajo (Ram Charan), an angry young police officer who commands the respect and fear of the British. They’ve done everything they can over the years; it’s something they want to keep, and yet, it’s something they’ve never respected because of the color of their skin. Then there’s the “creator” – the handsome, simple, innocent Bham (Jr NTR) who has wild power but uses it only when he has accomplished his goal. It is the Gond tribe that comes to town to rescue a little girl named Mali, who is captured by singer Lady Scott (Allison Dodi). But this is just the beginning of the story.

Rajamouli’s new phone card seems to be creating a new world. Because despite being based on historians, RRR is an entirely mythological story. Delhi became a new canvas in the 1920s. Bahm must have fought so hard against the government that everyone needed to warn the British not to take it lightly. But they are also turning to the Muslims of Delhi. Ramaraju may look like a trained soldier blindfolded, but only his uncle (Samutirkan) learns of his past. Scott (Ray Stevenson) thinks “Brown Trash” can shoot at him, but Jennifer (Olivia Morris) seems more sympathetic. This isn’t a freedom movement to pat our backs; it’s where you use your hands as weapons.

The first part of RRR runs like clockwork. Mali is an emotional cover, sings and dances with Nato (It will make you laugh), and seeks friendship through friendship; she often laughs when Faheem tries to befriend Jennifer. The freedom of cinema is taken, but it does not seem as necessary as the last part because slight changes are made in the film. Some scenes seem depressing because we already know something the main character doesn’t know. Ramraju Mangi Sita (AIlya Bhatt) was forced into a story that revolves around the report without any constraints, even though it is woven into the story. The way Bham is smoothly arranged despite not saying anything, how Rajamouli’s story unfolds feels harsh. The chairs leave more to be desired. However, the good news is that the film surprises you. Rajamouli cleverly uses some of the metaphors inserted in the later parts of the film.

At least Rajamouli manages to deliver something that people are hoping for – an action drama that you will love – and he does. Length is not a constraint due to narrow vision. Views can be good in some areas. Jr NTR gave the best performance of his career. She is charming like Bahm, especially in the emotional realm and her concern for financial well-being seems to be running well, as is her love for Ramarago. Ram Charan also does a good job putting the soul into the changes his character goes through. The characters of NTR and Charan need chemistry, and they do. Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Samutirkani, Ajay Devgn, Shriya Sarna, and others have played well. Olivia, in particular, won your heart. Allison and Revenge through their characters. Caravan Movie OST may not be for everyone, but it works well with BGM. Sentinel photographers are also to be commended.

RRR is perfect because, as Rajamouli has portrayed some scenes, you must wonder if he can do well in others. But if you want action-packed drama, check it out this weekend, especially if you are a fan of the leading pair.

RRR Hindi surpasses Baahubali’s lifetime business to create another record in the first week.

Director SS Rajamouli is known to push boundaries with each of his films. With RRR, everyone was once again in awe, and Jr NTR, Ram Charan’s performance, rocked the box office. As per business reports, the Indian edition of RRR boosted the live business of Baahubali in its first week. This is already a significant milestone for RRR, which is on its way to breaking other records.

RRR beat Baahubali business for life in a week.

If Baahubali 1 and 2 wake up the entire nation and turn their attention to SS Rajamouli, RRR proves he is a master of storytelling. RRR has earned Rs 500 crore at the world box office in just three days, and the film became a hit at the box office.

According to Business Analyst Taran Adarsh, RRR (India) has been the frontrunner in Baahubali Lifetime business in its first week. According to estimates, the Indian version of RRR will earn Rs 200 crore at the box office, and the film became the fastest film to enter the 100 crore club.

Taran Adarsh ​​writes, “#RRRFeverRRR Social Control…SuperRRRB Hold is…#Rajamouli*First Hit Movie* *First Week*…#Loss Bahubali [#Indian] for 200 Crores *Lifetime Base* Friday 20.07 Crores, Sat 24 crores, 31.50 crores in the evening, Monday 17 crores, Tuesday 15.02 crores, Total: 107.59 crores.

RRR movie Cast

  • N. T. Rama Rao Jr. as Komaram Bheem

A Gond tribal leader from Telangana who fought against the Nizam of Hyderabad for the liberation of Hyderabad State.

  • Ram Charan as Alluri Sitarama Raju

A revolutionary leader from Andhra Pradesh waged an armed campaign against the British Raj.

o Varun Buddhadev as Young Alluri Sitarama Raju

  • Ajay Devgn as Venkata Rama Raju, Rama Raju’s father
  • Alia Bhatt as Sita, Rama Raju’s cousin and fiancé

o Spandan Chaturvedi as Young Sita

  • Shriya Saran as Sarojini, Rama Raju’s mother
  • Samuthirakani as Venkateswarulu
  • Ray Stevenson as Governor Scott Buxton
  • Alison Doody as Catherine Buxton
  • Olivia Morris as Jennifer, Bheem’s love interest
  • Chatrapathi Sekhar as Jango, Bheem’s companion
  • Makarand Deshpande as Peddanna, Bheem’s companion
  • Rajeev Kanakala as Venkat Avadhani, special advisor to the


  • Rahul Ramakrishna as Lacchu
  • Edward Sonnenblick as Edward
  • Ahmareen Anjum as Loki, Malli’s mother
  • Twinkle Sharma as Malli
  • Chakri as Chinna, Rama Raju’s brother

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