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Search Engine Optimization is a process of technical configuration of the website, adding relevant content and popularizing the links, so that your website appears in the search pages and you get real results. This is a complete process to bring traffic to your site in a real way, in which you can bring in organic traffic for free, and in which you can get your site in the natural search results, thus your Site ranking will improve and your site can easily appear in search pages. It will increase the number of visitors to your site. And this is the best way to grow your business.

If you are doing any business, then your sales will increase by hundred percent, if you want to bring traffic to your site, then the traffic to your site will increase and you will easily rank in the search page It is an excellent process which is considered to be the greatest need of today’s era. In this article we will explain you what is SEO and how it works. A good SEO involves many factors which are explained below

Powerful Keywords

The first factor that comes into play in SEO is keywords. Make a list of all your keywords and then use them. There are different ways to use keywords like use keywords in title, Meta description, H1 and in the other content that will get the best results for your keywords. The best use of keywords is the guarantee of a successful SEO. This way you will get all the convenience and your website will rank.

High Quality Content

After that, it is the turn of content. The content or topic of your website is the most important aspect. What kind of content do you want to publish on your website then write your own content accordingly or get it written by a good writer. If you are running a business and your website is for your business, then you should write content related to your business so that your website will rank. If you publish content related to your business, your website will rank easily.

Links of your Website

Relevant links also help a lot to rank any website where there is content and keywords. If you put relevant links to your site, your website will grow a lot and you will get the results you want very quickly. In this way you will get all kinds of traffic and your site will get more search engines.

How SEO Works

Now we will explain how the search engine works. It is actually a complete process that aims to provide searchers with the exact information that they are looking for. Search engines actually relay on algorithms to find different web pages and decide which one to rank on the basis of given keywords. There are 3 steps to a search engine.


The first step of the search engine is crawling, in which the search engine crawls the web to search for new pages and stores the information of these new pages in the search store. We also call these v-crawls spiders or robots. Their job is to search for new web pages and also check the information of the previous searches to see if there are any updates or changes on those pages. Thus, this process goes on all day and throughout the search engine organizes these pages according to people’s queries and provides the visitors with pages according to their queries.


The second important step of a search engine is indexing. Indexing means whether the web pages that are searched are used or not. This will see to it that the web pages that are crawled will be indexed if they are valuable. This index is used in the final ranking. When a web page or content is indexed, it is saved in a database. A web page will not be indexed if it has the following defects

If it’s content contains plagiarism

Its content was spam

If it contains wrong links


The third step which is the most important in search engine and for which this all process is done is ranking. This step is done automatically when the crawling and indexing process is completed. So, whenever the search engine is crawled and indexed, your site will be ranked by leaps and bounds. In ranking any site, more than two hundred factors are looked at which search engines use to rank the site. And these factors should be exactly what the search engine pillars. A search engine has following pillars

On page SEO

Off page SEO

Technical SEO

In this way a search engine works and you get your best results. You can increase your sales and boost your sites.

Getting More Ranking

 If you want to rank higher than before and increase your sales, you have to optimize your SEO strategy so that you can get the sales you want. And get the rank brain factor. The following can be done for this purpose.

  • Optimize your medium tail keywords (Keywords that consist of two or more words)
  • Optimize your page titles. Also improve your article description to increase your clicks.
  • Optimize your content.
  • Reduce the Bounce rate.
  • Add valuable keywords to your content.

Always remember that you need links, content and RankBrain to rank in Google. So keep all these factors in mind and get your desired results. Apart from this, you should also set your objectives so that it is easy for you to measure your results. If you set your goals in advance, you will always get better results and you will be able to rank your site in Google easily. In today’s era, having a website is essential for any type of business. If you want to expand your business worldwide and also increase your sales, then you have to do SEO of your site and your website. You have to bring the site to the search engine so that you can increase your business.

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