Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler. This is a popular novel with the main character being Eva Macy.

CHAPTER 1: Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

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Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

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Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

This article concerns Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler. This is a classic novel that has the main character Eva Macy.

CHAPTER 1: Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

It was a crisp autumnal day. Every thing she saw that day was deeply and clear in her memories as if it was a scene from an artist’s work. The day that Eva’s dad, Count Massies, embarks on a new journey.

Eva who was twelve years old older, took her father’s arm and strolled through the garden at night. It was her most favorite spot. It was a spot where flowers that differ between seasons create a unique scent throughout the day. When evening comes, the fountain dances with the night’s glow.

‘I am sorry.’

She felt content each time she came here together with her mother, not this time. Being aware that it was the right time to leave, Eve held back the tears that seemed to be about to pour down. “Father will do amazing tasks for his Empire. While I’m crying, my father leaves with the weight of his steps.

“Dad will certainly come back and earn a fortune. Don’t be sad I love you dearly” the Count Massies stopped. He might have heard her crying and kissed her shoulder. She turned her head and smiled. There, in. Her father’s eyes, which were deep blue, led her reflection to move. The father of her own appeared exactly as upset as shewas, if not more.

How will I wait , dad? Does it look like the last time? Do I need to wait for a year?”

“I don’t have the ability to guarantee this in the exact sense. However, I’ll do my best to get back when I can. I’ll watch you grow into the crown princess.” He gently stroked Eva’s head to ease her anxiety.

The entire empire was aware that she was to marry her crown prince. The Emperor and the Count Massies have been close to each other since their youth. Due to this, they were both willing to get married off the children of their families. Eva has been crown princess since her birth.

Be careful in your actions and words and never stop your studies. You will become the most intelligent woman in the world.”

His voice was strong as he spoke. It was more of the promise to be a better version of yourself. Instead of feeling confident, he was trying to overcome his fear. Eve understood the reason. The Imperial had put his money into her father , but been unsuccessful in two previous attempts. He was not up to his expectations from the Emperor and those who believed in him. He’s not lived the expectations of his master and to maintain their relationship and has even impeded his own daughter’s prospects.

Eva is aware of how miserable the father of her was. He eventually gets an loan with all of his possessions as collateral. He also takes money from his family as he travels on his own. It was his final chance to regain the money he’d lost. “Yes Dad. I will be vigilant.”

It didn’t matter whether she was the crown princess, or not. She didn’t wanted to make her father look bad or the people who were around her.

“I’m satisfied with Eva. I’m very proud of Eva. I wish your dad success in the coming days.”

The Earl fell to his knees while he gazed up at Eva. She covered her tears she smiled and kissed her father’s head. “May father’s arduous journey be filled with happiness.”

Then, the Count Massies quit the manor.

Eva holds her babysitter’s hands until she disappears from the.

“Please don’t be concerned ma’am. His lordship is the most powerful explorationist in the world. He’s returning on the ship carrying a great deal of riches, so we’ll be patient.” Cecil hugged Eve with tears streaming down her eyes while she helped her. The butler Lawrence and the gardener Matthew as well as Coachman Paul and the rest of the staff were embraced by Eva.

The clock ticked.

Then a year later. Another year. Then , three years went by. At the age of 15 the news broke that the ship belonging to Count Massie was in ruins and both his crew members and himself had died.

The woman could only be sad for a brief moment, but tragedy was soon to follow her. Both the Bale home as well as the land leased by the Count Massies were sold to other people. In the present, Eva was unable to leave and Count was bankrupt to the core. The family of the imperial had been informing the crown prince of the failed engagement before she had dried her tears.


Sleepless Nights of a Maid Spoiler

“Nanny, I… don’t want to go,” Eva declared while she sat on her bed and gazed in the direction of Cecil. She was forced to go to Bale Mansion. Bale home she enjoyed and move into Baronet Biti’s home. Nothing felt real. Their position was shattered over the course of a single night.

No one accepted her. Everyone in her family who suffered serious injuries because they had loaned funds to her dad shut their eyes. Uncle, whom she at first had a bad relation with the father of her, renounced her title, count. The reason was the fact that all of the former Earl’s debts were transferred to the count as soon as the title was acquired.

Then, it was only the Baronet’s family Biti Baronet Biti, who was the Massies estate manager, and distant cousin of her mother was willing to let her stay. It was difficult to comprehend why the Baron had changed his mind on his treatment. Eva enjoys lots of baggage. Lawrence told her there was a reason for it that was one Eva didn’t have to know at this moment.

“My lady, no matter how you’re sorrowful, you need to be strong. So, the master in heaven will be content.”


“You aren’t there… and dad cannot hug me when I’m feeling sad or heavy. It’s not worth watching me from the skies.” Eva’s beautiful blue eyes were brimming with tears. She was desperate to hold Cecil but tried to keep her within her. In the end, it was in violation of the dignity that was the noblest of people. Cecil who was a secret cries as she watched her sleeping all night, would surely be dissatisfied.

“Here Lady, please be looking at me. Give me a few minutes and we’ll be able to come back.”


Eva looked at her with a smile and her eyes were overflowing with tears.

“You know what I mean, right?”

“H-hic… yeah…”

She came back she cried, fighting her tears back.

“Be gentle and thankful. Keep in mind that my prayers are always for you, dear lady.” Cecil’s peaceful face changed to one of sadness and a forced smile. As she followed the outline for the cross she placed her hands on Eve’s and asked God. Dear God I ask you to grant my wife the strength and courage to take this test and, one day, let me be able to see her smiling. I pray that you ensure her safety. Although Cecil’s plea for God is sincere Eve did not have anything to do with anger at God.

The baron’s carriage and his luggage wagon sat together at the gate. Lawrence, Matthew, Paul along with Father John of Crocs Field Church were just a few yards from Eva to say goodbye.

They weren’t the only people to continued to work after they were not paid anymore, while the others had gone. They also left immediately following Eva’s deportation. The baron’s servant, Paul who was a year younger was expected to go with Eva on her journey. But, since Paul was still young the baron attempted to bring the young man in and train him to be a coachman at the cost of a small amount.

“Why don’t you get faster?

When she saw the females, two of them tiny and slim Baronet Biti started to become angry.

“Forgive us, Mr. Biti.”

Even after Cecil’s apology and apologies, he mumbled until veins popped out of his throat. Everyone was stunned by the harsh words he used. Through the entire life of Count Massie, the Baron was bowing before him. It was amazing what happens to someone who changes abruptly after not receiving what they want. The first thought everyone had was a sense of anxiety about whether Eva would be able to make it to his home.

If you had etiquette…”

“Enough, Mr. Biti. Do I need to speak up in this instance?”

Lawrence stood tall and raised his gaze to him, the smaller Baron. Everyone could see that Lawrence was able to keep his temper under control due to his years of knowledge and common sense. While he was not from aristocratic backgrounds He was able to subdue the rank of his adversaries with greater respect.

“II-it’s just a metaphor.”

As if he’d committed an offence The Baron was resigned and spied Lawrence’s intention. The Baron’s gaze was gone when he turned his attention to Eva.

We’ll be back …

He washed away her tears using his worn-out sleeves, and accidentally spread dirt across Eva’s face. He was unsure of what direction to take. There were numerous suggestions from the aristocratic elite who wanted his talents, but they none of them were accepted.

Then she met Father John, who had huge dreams that he would become a cardinal. A compassionate person who couldn’t be ignored and was always a pawn into people’s lives. However, he was able to get annoyed at any time. He’s vented all kinds of anger over Massie’s financial woes, but was able to wish Eve all the best.

“Father, please pray for us all.”

“Of course, Eve. Our Lord will look after you and all of us here, and safeguard you.”

He gently patted her shoulder before turning his attention at the other people. While everyone, including him was crying He blessed each one person with a goodbye prayer.

“Let’s go quickly. My silence has lasted way too long.”

Baron spoke to the baron from her carriage. “If you love them that much, just feel for them,” she said from afar, but one else was paying attention.

The realization hit her. The time was up. Eva’s body began to shake as she approached the car. But, after a couple of steps she made then she turned around and crying, before walking on and turned her back.

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