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Before getting into the additional functions and capabilities associated with Mercy Smart Square Let’s learn about Smart Square Mercy What is it? What is its true meaning? and what are its latest and improved capabilities?

What exactly is Mercy Smart Square?

Particularly created for the health sector, Mercy Smart Square is an effective scheduling tool. It allows the company to efficiently plan and manage their staff in order to take care of the needs of patients.

What is the process behind Mercy Smart Square work?

If you log in to Your Smart Square Mercy account you will be able to see your personal dashboard. With this feature, you will be able to manage your schedule for your staff by controlling the settings that are available, for instance you can add and remove the client for scheduling emergency personnel. Not just the top officials, but also staff members can use Mercy Smart Square and check their schedules daily and also other details about their appointments with patients. Contrary to other scheduling systems, you are able to easily handle Smart Square Mercy and customize the system to suit your needs to allow you to effectively manage your time.

Smart Square Mercy has many features. Smart Square Mercy

Nursing leaders receive information about their Co Workers

Utilizing the Mercy smart boards, patients are able to send reminders to themselves and make notes for their caregivers. This software also permits nurses to view the schedules of their colleagues along with other personal information. Mercy Smart Square tool help the healthcare team to handle the work of their employees effectively. They can also manage appointments through the use of this program. It’s a great tool for non-nursing department as well.

Simple to Use Interface

An easy to use interface is another advantage in Mercy Smart Square. It allows you to manage applications in a clearly established manner and to ensure that all personnel members are able to important information that is that are communicated. It also assists the nursing staff and staff to organize their day-to- routine. Smart Square Mercy helps the managers monitor their timetable and efficiency of their employees. With this software, nurses can schedule more appointments for patients without a lot of effort. They will also be in a position to spend more time with patients. All this is possible thanks to Smart Square intuitive design.

Employees have access via mobile for Mercy Smart Square software

Nurses, employees and all other employees have access on mobile devices to Mercy Smart Square software so there is no requirement to open the laptop or PC, however they are able to manage their schedules using their mobile. To coordinate shifts, it is believed to be more efficient. Smart Square Mercy is much more efficient when communicating with employees and customers. Managers are able to keep track of their team members with the software and also manage their timetables.

Restricted access to specific areas

One of the key aspects in Mercy Smart Square is its ability to restrict access to specific areas. Access to the software can be restricted to the program based on the user group, status, as well as internet connectivity. The IP address of the user can be obscured. This will ensure the security of both of you and your patient, as you’ll be able to learn the identity of the person trying to gain access to your personal information.

The Premium version of the Mercy Smart Square

In the premium versions of Mercy Smart Square, patient information is entered in a more precise way. For routine visits to clinics, the simple version is adequate, however the premium version has more advanced features, such as educational modules for patients. The premium version also accessible for mobile. You are able to safely navigate this program.

If the Mercy Smart Square software is installed successfully on your computer it will show the logo of your business and also its website. Individual network IDs of employees will be displayed using this program. The system is simple and straightforward to utilize. In a matter of minutes you can make appointments making use of this program.

Closing Up

In this post, we’ve tried to provide you with an in-depth review on Mercy Smart Square and its other features. With this program, everyone on staff are able to manage their schedules, and managers can monitor their employees.

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