summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1

summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1 into another world in a different dimension as an “hero” to rescue the princess. In reality, he’s the typical high school student who has zero attraction to girls. Following the successful return of Keiki to his home world He’s regularly summoned. Each moment, it’s the same is happening: Keiki is put in life or death scenarios, is able to save the day and then comes to his home. The idea of being a hero can be just a hassle for Keiki. However, one day Keiki is able to meet a girl that transforms everything…

The Background of the Characters

The main four characters in the story have been transported to another universe. Their backgrounds and motives vary.

Sora is the main character in the tale. She’s a student at high school who has been summoned into an alternate world several times. The goal of her quest is to find the way to return home to avoid becoming a victim once more.

Aqua is among Sora’s closest friends. Aqua has also been transported to another world but she’s not sure of the reason or how. Aqua is a kind and compassionate However, she’s also unpredictable at times.

Kairi is another of the close friendships with Sora. Kairi was born into the world of parallel universes and has not left it. Kairi is a strong and determined however she may also be irresponsible.

Riku is Kairi’s elder brother. Riku was born into the world of parallels, however his departure from it came as a child and is now an adept sorcerer. Riku is determined and self-assured However, he may be somewhat distant in certain situations.

How did they come to be summoned?

Some are born with the capacity to look beyond the surface of the world and connect with spirits from other realms. They are known as summoners.

There are some cultures that believe that everybody can summon. However, it’s an art that needs to be refined. With years of training and practice, summoners are able to be open to the other dimensions of life and invoke creatures to fulfill their wishes.

Many believe that summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1 were picked by spirits. According to legend, whenever a spirit is looking for an object to hold or an instrument to assist the attain their objectives, they’ll discover a way to get into the dream of the summoner and tie themselves to the summoner.

However they are brought to the idea, the power of summoning should not be dismissed lightly. Anyone who uses it should be careful not to summon anything that is beyond their reach or comprehension. For those who deal with the forces of another it is always a possibility of becoming lost when dealing with them.

the World at Hand

In the event that you want an in-depth description of the place where the characters go to:

It is a world in where magic, as well as other supernatural aspects are real and routine. The surrounding is alive and lush filled with vibrant wildlife and flora dotted across the land. The sun is believed to be stunningly beautiful throughout the world. the night sky’s stars are believed to be so brilliant that they are able to illuminate the night sky for distances. The dangers of this planet are numerous also, with the help of fierce monsters and strong magic users.

Unusual Creatures and elements found within

In the past There have been numerous reports of bizarre creatures and other objects found within our own world which seem to be defying any explanation. Certain of these creatures seem so strange that they’ve been an object of myth, some may even be popularly known, yet still intriguing. Below are a selection of the bizarre species and components that have been observed in the world:

The Yeti The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman is said to live within the Himalayan mountains. There are reports that the Yeti began to surface at the beginning of 19th century and reports of sightings are reported throughout the years. The Yeti is believed to be a massive animal that is that is covered in fur. There are the reports of it reaching at least 10 feet tall. Although there isn’t tangible evidence for the creature’s existence, a lot of people believe It could be the descendant from an extinct species of the ape.

The Kraken is a mythical sea monster that is believed to live in the oceans off the coastline of Norway. The Kraken is believed to be enormous according to some accounts that it could exceed 100 feet long. There is a rumor that it has tentacles, which are used to attack ships, and then drags it under the sea to their death. There haven’t been any confirmations of sightings or images of the Kraken however, many think that the Kraken may have its roots in real animals like Octopuses or squid.

El Chupacabra is believed to be a native of Puerto Rico. It is believed to be similar to a dog or

The challenges we face in this New Environment

In the parallel universe where I was a guest several times, there were two main issues that I was faced with.

The second was the continuous fighting. It is as if there are constantly fighting between various groups. As soon as I stepped foot into the new planet I found myself in the middle of all these conflicts. It was tiring having fighting constantly and trying to live.

The third issue was more of a psychological one. I was struggling the reality that, regardless of the effort my efforts, I would not make a lasting impact within the present world. Each time I made a advancement, something would occur and everything would be reset to how it was prior to. It was extremely annoying and demoralizing.

Strange Allies or enemies found On the Road

Though it’s often believed that one’s life is a lonely their life journey however this could not be further off from reality. Each day there are opportunities to build new friendships or foes. Most often, these connections can be formed in a sudden manner.

It’s possible to be confronted by someone whom we believed to be a good acquaintance, or developing bonds of friendship to someone who we had initially written off as being an adversary. This is all part of the fun of living. Learning to navigate the complexities of these relationships isn’t easy however it’s all part of the excitement.

Leçons Learned in the Course of being summoned

There are a lot of things you can gain by being transported to another world. For instance, you can be taught how to adjust rapidly to new circumstances and how to be friendly with others who may be different from themselves, and also how to adapt in challenging circumstances. In addition, the fact that you are often summoned calls for one to be courageous and take on their fear head-on. In the wake of these events, people who are summoned usually are stronger and more able than prior to being summoned.


This chapter explained how our protagonist Jinko was transported into a different world and how he struggles to understand the laws of this brand new world. We were introduced to the creatures that he’s encountered so far, and the kind of challenges he’ll meet in the coming years.

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