The Divine Lifestyle of a Traveling Mom Food Blogger

If you ask me, the life of a mom blogger and traveler sounds amazing! The best things in life are the ones you make happen, no matter what the odds may be.

The Divine Lifestyle of a Traveling Mom Food Blogger

This article will help you to imagine what it is like to travel mom blogger and live a divine lifestyle. This article is full of insights and tips from my experiences with various topics related to the divine lifestyle, travel food lifestyle, and mom blogger. Enjoy!

How she started her Divine Lifestyle Traveling Mom Food blog

My entrepreneurial spirit has been a part of my life since childhood. This is why I started blogging. Before this, I was just another working mom who struggled to make ends work. I freelanced on weekends and nights, writing posts for other bloggers, as well as managing social media for small businesses.

It was something about my little corner of cyberspace that made me feel compelled to do it. Over drinks, a group of freelance friends agreed that owning our businesses gave us more freedom than most full-time jobs. Even though it is still hard work, I couldn’t agree with them more!

What she does when she’s not cooking

I don’t know what inspires me the most. Perhaps it’s my love of food, or my adventurous spirit, but wherever and whenever I go, I am always hungry to try new foods and see new people.

Because I was eager to try new dishes and restaurants while traveling, I have taken risks on more than one occasion. These experiences weren’t always great (it happens), but there have been many happy moments of discovery that make you feel like a child again.

Why she starts each day at breakfast

You did read it correctly. Every morning, my family and me eat breakfast together. We discuss the day and what each person did, as well as how they feel. It’s not something that’s very important. This ritual allows us to spend time with one another without interruption or distraction–something important in an era when there are many competing demands on our time.

The Divine Lifestyle of a Traveling Mom Food Blogger

My children know that I will be there for them at breakfast. This gives them the confidence to come to me anytime they have a question. It sends a message to our children that healthy eating is part of our daily routine, as we continue to have these conversations while enjoying healthy food (usually eggs).

Why she quit her job

It’s a huge decision to make the leap into entrepreneurship. One mom blogger decided that she was not happy with her life. When she was pregnant with her first child, her career took most of her time.

She soon realized that traveling for business was not an option after her baby was born. She was unable leave her son for long periods of time. Instead of reevaluating her career and staying home with baby, she began consulting on travel-focused projects in her spare time.

How she manages her time

Stacey says that I am careful to prioritize my priorities. It was initially about my business and my family. She adds that she now spends at least one hour a day focusing on herself. This means spending time with friends, going on walks in the natural world, and writing down all the things I am grateful for. You will have more energy and motivation to help others when you are balanced.

There are many little things you can do to look after yourself, even if you have limited time. You don’t need to do anything extravagant – it could be as simple and as easy as enjoying your favorite tea while you watch your favorite TV series. Even though it sounds indulgent, you should remember that every moment you spend caring for yourself can be used to give back to the world. Just remember: You deserve it.

How she saves money on groceries

Here are some ways to save money on grocery shopping, dining out, and drinks. *Plan your meals one week at a.m. so that you can stockpile food on sale. Double the amount of meals you make to freeze. Stock up on kitchen staples that are discounted. If it is at a price you will not see again soon, stock up! *Shop Sam’s Club or Costco for bulk discounts.

Don’t forget coupons and sales circulars, even for large orders. Stick to your shopping list! By only purchasing what you really need, you can save money.

The Reason Her Children Are So Excited About Dinner

Your children are hungry at 3 p.m. You want to make sure that your children will be happy when it comes time for dinner. Diana Fong was determined to share her passion for food with her children when she became a mom.

The Divine Lifestyle of a Traveling Mom Food Blogger

Notes on how to start your own blog

It can seem daunting to start your own website. But you don’t need to know anything about coding or design to start a professional-looking, profitable site. Many bloggers begin with free platforms like Wordpress or Tumblr, before moving to paid sites that offer premium features (like Divi).

There are many niches you can choose from, including fashion, sports, travel, or any other topic that interests you. There are many paid opportunities to make money with your content and skills, whether it is through your site or another’s.

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