Top 3 Reasons to Move from Google Workspaces to Microsoft 365

Google is an ideal platform for start-ups. It is simple and secure, and the free personal version ensures that all your employees are familiar with the platform. However, for a growing business, there is a point where you reach the Google ceiling, and it no longer supports your company. Many businesses are Migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 because they find it is more scalable, reliable, and efficient in terms of compliance, performance, and security. Some major reasons are listed below which make companies migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365-

  • Reduce Costs By Migrating From Google Workspaces to Microsoft 365

Cost is a vital factor for any business looking to optimize its collaboration and productivity suite. The main reason to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is that Google Workspace costs more. Granted, Google Workspace’s pricing is somewhat more straightforward as compared to Microsoft Licensing. 

With Office 365, you won’t be pigeonholed into fixed pricing tiers that might not meet your specific business needs. By design, Microsoft allows you to find a price particularly designed for your business. Besides, you can take benefit of the pricing difference when you decide to use only web apps on the platform.

  • Maturity

Let’s look at Google Sheets which is a portion of the Google suite. Given today’s fast-paced work environment, Google Sheets is lacking, and that’s where MS Excel comes in. For a CFO trying to make projections, it makes more sense to go with MS Excel as the latter is relatively more mature as compared to Google Sheets.

Another major reason to move from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is the accessibility of desktop apps and offline access. Granted, Google has newly added offline access to files and Sheets. Still, these are only available via a browser extension and must be set up per device. Besides, documents need to be synched before losing internet access. Think of it this way, this current model with Google Workspaces makes it a feasible option for flights or a planned day working at the beach. However, if your internet connection was interrupted suddenly, you would only work on what you already have opened. If most of your employees use desktop computers, O365 outshines Google Workspace. Office 365 can also be used on the go and easily accessed on Virtual Desktop practically from any device.  

  • Vendor Consolidation 

Today’s firm IT ecosystem is not only highly sophisticated but also ever-increasing in complexity. This brings about a constant need for modern infrastructure that is both costly to maintain and ineffective to operate. That’s why most firms are seeking to go lean when it comes to the technologies, they invest in.

With Office Suite, you have Microsoft’s platforms like Viva, SharePoint, Teams, and Power Platform alongside features like Tasks and Shifts. This works in tandem, ensuring you have everything you require from a single vendor. This extracts the costs and complexity of integrations. Besides, this dramatically decreases the third and fourth-party risks to which agents expose you otherwise.

As such, with Office 365, it becomes easier for your enterprise to achieve vendor consolidation. This is hardly achievable with Google Workspace.


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