What Does NFS Mean

Let’s get started by asking what is NFS mean? On the internet we’ve come across many words, and aren’t aware of numerous. Similar to other slang phrases, NFS is a word that is used across various platforms, whether it includes gaming, cloud computing, banking, food and other things. If you’re searching for an actual definition of the term on the web, you’ve come to the right website. At Techy Gossips we will make it clear what NFS means? We attempted to cover all possible meanings for the slang term has been employed. Keep an eye on us to learn more about what NFS mean?

What exactly does NFS mean?

What is NFS Define?

If we proceed to the full version of NFS then it’s not for Sure. The slang term can be commonly used in the process of communication, when you type an email. NFS definition isn’t restricted to the medium of communication, but it can be widely used in various areas and the meaning of it is contingent on the platform which it will be utilized. Are you pondering the meaning behind NFS and want to know more? Then join us and learn the meaning behind what NFS mean.

NFS Meaning in Texting

These days, nobody wants writing the entire words instead , they resort to shorter forms such as SYT, NFS TTYL, SYT and other. What exactly does NFS mean in the context of text? If we’re in informal communications with our colleagues or friends, then we often make use of NFS. NFS is an acronym for the word “Not for Sure. This acronym is commonly used for typing messages.

NFS Meaning In Computing

NFS is not just used in Texting but also plays an significant roles in the computing. Therefore, in the field of computing. NFS is the abbreviation for Network File System. To access files on the internet, the NFS protocol is the most commonly used. It should be clear to your mind what NFS mean in the field of Computing.

The Meaning of NFS in Gaming

I believe there’s not much to say about the NFS significance in Gaming because most of you know that NFS is the abbreviation for Need for Speed in Gaming. One of the most well-known racing games being created in partnership with Criterion Game and published by Electronic Arts.

NFS Meaning on Social Media

Is there a thought that pops up in your head about what is the NFS significance on social media. It is a slang term that is often used by teens while they chat on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter and TikTok. NFS refers to Not For Certain. NFS means on Instagram or Facebook is identical to any other social media platform.

NFS What Does It Mean In Banking

If you don’t really know the NFS definition in the banking, you’re at the right location. As opposed to other terms that are employed to describe Banking NFS is one of the terms. In the banking field, the complete version that is NFS for banking would be National Financial. The largest ATM network is regarded as NFS.

NFS What Does It Mean In Food

There may be fewer people that is aware of NFS significance in the context of food. It is surprising that there are two interpretations of NFS in relation to food.

NFS is a term used to describe Nutrition as well as Food Security according to the terms of the World Health Organization

You may also have seen NFS codes that are printed on the description of food products.

NFS Significance In Shoes

In the shoe aisle, you may have seen many times banners stating NFS on the side of shoes. It’s possible you’ve ignored it numerous times and even when I looked for it on the internet, I thought Ah, I had no idea that existed before. NFS which means “no shoes” in the sense of not for sale.

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FAQ’s regarding NFS

What Is NFS mean on TikTok?

Within the realm of TikTok, NFS means the funny Shit is the term used to describe a person participating in the conversation isn’t at a point of listening to to what the other is discussing.

What is NFS Mean in Texting?

NFS means in texting is very simple, and is a reference to Not For Certain.

What is the meaning of NFS/FMTC?

NFS/FMTC is the acronym for National Financial Services and Fidelity Management Trust Company. This is the kind of service provided by banks.

What is an NFS Share?

Network File System (NFS) share is a way to transfer files to and from UNIX operating system and Windows server.

Does NFS mean New Friends?

It’s not really true, but it doesn’t mean that you have the beginning of a new friendship.


In this article, we clarified for everyone that what NFS mean. The meaning of NFS is dependent on the categories in which the term has been used to mean NFS means in texting isn’t to be determined. NFS signifies something else on social media platforms such as NFS meaning in Instagram isn’t certain and in the field of Banking NFS refers to the Network File System. I thought you would be interested in this post about what NFS mean and what its significance across different fields could be clear at present.

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