yrkkh written update Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

yrkkh written update The occasion starts with Abhi saying we did n’t know family is allowing so. Aarohi says you should marry Akshu. He says I did wrong with  numerous people, I do n’t want to do wrong with you. She says I’ll feel bad if you do n’t marry her. Muskaan argues with Manish. Kairav says keep your  mores. She says he’s trying to replace Abhinav with Abhi, you all want to end him. Aarohi says we know our relation started and ended, we can explain Ruhi, if we make this relation only for Ruhi,  also we can  noway  stay happy, we ca n’t keep Ruhi happy. Abhi says I do n’t want to break Ruhi’s heart. She says it wo n’t, we will always be with her, if Abhir and Akshu come, she’ll understand well. He asks are you okay with this. She says yes, I do n’t  suppose I can love anyone after Neil, so Ruhi and I accepted this grief, fate gave you and Akshu another chance, do n’t let it go. He says Akshu has come my friend, we’re doing coparenting of Abhir, everything is good. Manjiri comes and looks on. Muskaan asks was it a drama, you loved Abhinav as your son, you do n’t admire him now.

He says I can  noway  show you what he meant to me, you can  noway  see it, my heart breaks 100 times when I  suppose of him, can you  suppose of Akshu’s heart, we can  noway  understand her, you know why, because we’ve our life  mates and she’s alone.

yrkkh written update Manjiri asks do you want to  suppose about it. Abhi says no, it wo n’t be. He goes. Manjiri says let him go. Aarohi says he should  suppose of Abhir and him. Manjiri cries and hugs her. Aarohi says Abhi was  noway  meant for me, he’ll always be Ruhi’s poppy, I m  veritably happy, I hope Akshu and Abhi find their happiness in each other. Manish says they were  musketeers and admired each other, Abhinav would agree with my thinking, you lost him and you’re in grief, you’re  dazed by  abomination, you were stopping Abhir first and now Akshu. She says  suppose anything, but I’ll  noway  accept this relation. Surekha smiles.

yrkkh written update Akshu recalls everything. Abhi comes and says sorry. She says we’re facing the same problem, Aarohi and Ruhi wo n’t know this. He says Aarohi knows this. She says she’d be in shock. He says no, she said we should. She says do n’t know what’s right. He asks are you  upset or sad. She says both. He asks why, I should be  upset and sad, two girls rejected me in one day. He jokes on her red nose. She says no. He clicks her  snap and shows her. They eat the  sludge. She says I allowed  you’ll get chocolate for me. He jokes. She says you say anything.

yrkkh written update Abhir opens the cupboard. A box falls. He sees Abhi and Akshu’s  snapAbhir asks how did mumma and docman  match, please tell me. Manish says they met at the lake. Abhir asks what. Dadi says your docman got your mumma’s  cuff at the lakeside. Manish says docman heard your mumma singing,  also she was going to fall, he saved her,  also they got friendly. Abhir asks what  happed  also, tell me, Nani. Suwarna says docman liked your mumma’s singing a lot. Surekha says  also he got an alliance for her. The FB shows the moments. Surekha says we allowed Suwarna says  also docman and Akshu came good  musketeers and liked each other,  also we got them  wedded. Abhir says  also they got happy. Suwarna says yes, they were  veritably happy. Abhir asks why did they fight.He says I should know, I asked mumma and pop and they told  occasionally problems come between elders. Manish recalls Neil’s death. He says yes,  occasionally problems come between elders, so  suckers also get separated, this  happed with your mumma and docman, your mumma was sad. Abhir asks was n’t docman sad. Dadi says he was sad, he just used to smile with Ruhi, your mumma went down. Manish says  each alone, she stopped talking to us, she was n’t alone there, she met your pop. Abhir says my pop was my super pop. Manish says he was super duper pop, he took  important care of your mumma when you were going to get born, he loved you a lot. Manjiri says your pop was a good person, he supported Akshu a lot.

Shefali says he was the stylish, he wanted you and your mumma to stay happy. Aarohi says he allowed Akshu and Abhi should unite for your sake, he’d a big heart, but your mumma refused, you and Abhinav were her family. She nods. He asks ca n’t they love each other again. She says sorry, I confused you. Kairav comes and says elders are saying this, its their thinking, your mumma and docman will do what they find right, they’re good  musketeers now, they want to give you a good life. She asks what did he do now. He says he’ll stay there at night, call Abhi and talk to him. She goes. Dadi says do n’t tell her, Abhir has a right to know the  verity, he’d to know this one day.

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