Love island season 9 episode 38

Love island season 9 episode 38 villa and all islanders are getting ready for their final dates. Boys receive luxury yachts to take their chosen woman on one last date while girls receive helicopter rides to a private island where they will spend the day with their respective boys.

On the final day, islanders must choose between two possible final dates; one date can be with their existing partner while a separate one could involve someone new – they must decide which option they wish to attend and go with.

In the final episode, the final date and winner will be revealed and determined through public vote.

What Happened on Love Island Season 9 Episode 38?

Love island season 9 episode 38 has been marked by plenty of drama, and Episode 38 did not disappoint. Islanders squared off against each other for an intense round of truth or dare, which quickly escalated.

Dani Dyer was forced to confront her feelings for Jack Fincham after being dared by another girl to kiss someone else. Needless to say, this encounter was awkward at best – viewers noted how disappointed Dani looked upon hearing of this news.

Josh Denzel caused widespread anger among his fellow islanders with his continued flirtation with Kazimir Crossley, while Georgia Steel was left reeling after Josh was challenged to kiss newcomer Ellie Brown and Georgia was made uncomfortable at having been left out.

Episode 38 was certainly full of exciting drama, so viewers will likely tune in again next week to witness what unfolds next.

Who Won Love Island Season 9 Episode 38?

Now is the season of love and we are back with another amazing blog for all. Today, we will discuss Love Island season 9 episode 38 which is entitled, “3 Who Won Love Island Season 9 Episode 38.

In this episode, the final three couples of Season 81 were revealed – Jack and Dani, Wes and Laura and Josh and Kaz.

The final episode kicked off with a short recap of everything that occurred in previous episodes and an announcement of Jack and Dani, Wes and Laura and Josh and Kaz as the three couples competing for supremacy in this year’s competition.

After the three couples were announced, they had time alone together in which to discuss plans for their futures and opinions about other couples in their group.

Later on in the evening, couples were requested to pose for photoshoots; after taking photographs they had an opportunity to converse about their relationships and emotions with one another; Jack and Dani spent considerable time sharing what theirs felt about each other during this discussion period.

As everyone anticipated, Jack and Dani from Love island season 9 episode 38 emerged victorious and were awarded with a prize pool worth PS50,000 each.

Here were the highlights from Love Island season 9’s 38 the episode – stay tuned for more such blogs!

Who Was Eliminated on Love Island Season 9 Episode 38?

This was the first time in show history where four Islanders were eliminated on one evening – they included Maureen Higgins, Curtis Pritchard, Michael Griffiths and Ovie Soko.

Maura Higgins was one of the most beloved Islanders living in Villa. After she and Curtis Pritchard broke up over his infidelity with another Islander, Maura became increasingly frustrated after failing to find another potential romantic interest within the villa walls. Unfortunately she was eliminated when no new partner emerged for her in time – though not before finally succumbing to temptation herself and leaving.

Curtis Pritchard was one of the original Islanders. Maura Higgins and Curtis broke up after Curtis committed infidelity with another Islander; Curtis eventually got eliminated when he failed to find another partner within the villa.

Michael Griffiths was one of the original Islanders. Initially in a relationship with Amber Gill, but their romance ended after Michael kissed another Islander. Unfortunately for Michael he failed to find someone new within the villa as soon as time ran out and thus was eliminated from further consideration in this season of Islanders.

Ovie Soko was one of the original Islanders. Initially he and India Reynolds had an on/off romance until she betrayed him by cheating with another Islander; Ovie eventually had to be removed due to not finding someone compatible within his villa community.

What Will Happen on Love Island Season 9 Episode 39?

Love island season 9 episode 38 final episode airs tonight and promises to be an emotional rollercoaster ride. After 38 days of watching islanders fall and out of love with one another, finally finding out who will emerge victorious of Love Island 2019 should be exciting viewing.

Final episode will showcase all remaining couples spending one final evening together before giving speeches and holding public votes on them.

Couple with the least votes will be immediately eliminated from contention; leaving three couples to battle it out in a final.

Love island season 9 episode 38 final will see participants compete in various challenges to determine who will emerge triumphant. At its conclusion, one person will be named winner and awarded with bragging rights as Love Island Champion 2019.

Are we prepared for what’s to come on Love island season 9 episode 38 final episode? Here is everything that needs to be known…

Who will win Love Island 2019?

Everyone wants to know who will win this year and it is difficult to say for certain who it will be; however, our money would likely fall on Amber and Greg as being favourites to triumph.

Couple has been united since day one; their love is undeniable and has the support of most island residents; which could prove pivotal during voting day.

Molly-Mae and Tommy and Ovie and India also stand a good chance at victory. Though Molly-Mae and Tommy’s relationship has had its ups and downs, it seems stronger now.

Ovie and India came as something of a pleasant surprise during Season 8. Their romance has won over numerous viewers thanks to its sweetness.

What will unfold in the final episode?

Final episode will showcase all remaining couples spending one last evening together before giving a short speech and opening up public voting Couple with fewest votes will be eliminated immediately and left only four couples to compete in final.

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