Stefano Tomadini Model Fitness

Stefano Tomadini Model Fitness

Each week in the Male Model Spotlight, we highlight one of our favorite male models that is sure to make you feel a little tingly. This week we feature Stefano Tomadini.

Tomadini first began modelling at the age of 16 in London after being discovered on Instagram and is represented with Nevs Models, Soul Artist Management, Independent Management, as well as Fifth Models.

He’s a huge fan of sports, in general but he is obsessed with basketball. In addition, stefano also loves to cook Italian food.

STATS of Stefano Tomadini Model Fitness

Birth Date 12/7/1997

Birthplace: Italy

Height: 6′ 1 1/2”

Waist: 32”

Hair: Brown

Also, eyes Blue Eyes

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Stefano Tomadini has over 11,969 followers on Instagram. And also, the average person viewing this profile is 25-34 years old, Male, from South Africa, speaks English, is interested in Media and Entertainment/Movie buff, and is interested in entertainment-related product use. And also, the average person viewing this profile is 25-34 years old, Male, from South Africa, speaks English, interest in Media and Entertainment/Movie buff, and interest in entertainment-related product use.

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And also, the average person viewing this profile is 25-34 years old, Male, from South Africa, speaks English, interest in Media and Entertainment/Movie buff, and is interested in entertainment-related product use.


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The Stefano Model frequently answers questions. Tomadini, Model Fitness

When did you start modeling?

I began modeling one an year ago London.

What did they see when they spotted you?

They were able to see me via Instagram.

What are the models you would like to aspire to?

Christian Hogue and Jordan Barrett

What is your ideal modeling job?

There are so many! However, being a model and having the ability to travel and discover new places and people is a goal for me.

What are your strategies for dealing with negativity and rejection within a business that is based on appearances?

I don’t care what others are saying, and I’m not one to quit until I have what I want. I will take criticism as an incentive to continue working to reach my goals and goals It’s not possible to ever be flawless, yet there’s a chance to get better and become better every day.

Based on your perspective what do you think the fashion industry could get better?

I’m new to this industry and I don’t know much about it. I’m constantly learning, so I don’t know how I can make a difference in this fashion business.

What’s your most favorite project or shoot that you’ve completed so far?

My most favorite project is working in the filming of an film we made in Italy.

We’d love to hear about something we didn’t be able to tell from looking at your portfolio.

I’m a great chef and I enjoy cooking particularly Italian food.

What is your favourite task? (physical or as a character)

I have a great memories, I constantly beg to differ with everyone around me.

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