The world of the freelance market continues to grow as firms are now open to the idea of having their employees work from home. The global pandemic has shifted the idea of how an office should function. Ideally, an employer should focus on increasing the workers’ productivity without concentrating on how much time each worker puts in per week. If a man can produce better outcomes from the comfort of his own home, he should be allowed to do so by all means. Fortunately, modern technology lets people communicate their ideas without being physically present in the same geological location. Since space is no longer a constraint, people can explore more and consider freelancing a full-time career. 

Work-Life Balance: Many a time, people struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. One, who works in an office set-up, often prioritizes his work over his health and social life. As a result, people feel isolated and overworked. These unhealthy practices can negatively affect one’s psyche and ruin his chances to lead a happy life. On the other hand, freelance work lets one set his timeline and allows him more freedom. The absence of rigidity in the schedule encourages an employee to perform better with ease. 

Less Commute: Think how much time and money you’d save if you were to give up work commute. Workers from outside the city often take a subway and a cab to reach their office. The time spent on commuting could be better used if they were allowed to work from home. If employees were allowed remote work, most would go out of the busy city and settle in a less populated countryside. One of the benefits of remote work is living in the suburbs since one does not need to be present in the office.


Improved Inclusivity: People don’t acknowledge it enough, but remote work improves inclusivity in the workplace. It is difficult for a differently able person to make a daily commute and come to the office. However, if he is allowed to do the work at home, a setting that he’s familiar with, he will perform better. Therefore, remote work helps reach broader dynamics when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace. 

Money Saved: Remote work saves money for not only the employees but also the employers. Imagine how the office space would look without all the employees under a single roof. Young entrepreneurs who start with low capital cannot afford a huge office space for their work. They mostly work with freelancers to continue providing services to their clients. Hiring people who are willing to work remotely saves the entrepreneur valuable resources that they can further invest in the business. Not having a large office space lets them save money on utility bills, rent, electricity, and more. 

The goal of every employed professional should be to find what works best for him. If you think that a drastic shift in your work lifestyle can impact your social life positively, be sure to take that first step. It is never too late to try something new that challenges and inspires you. 

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