Elvish yadav youtube Sentenced to 14-Day Jail in Snake Venom-Rave Party Case

Elvish yadav youtube A case under the Wildlife Act has been registered against Elvish Yadav of Noida in connection with the snake bite of five people during major festivals last year.

In this incident of snake poisoning, after being questioned by the Noida police, Mr. Yadav has now been sent to prison for 14 days.

A case under the Wildlife Act was registered in Noida against five people accused of preparing snake venom for use as a recreational drug at expensive festivals last year.

On November 3, police raided a village hall in Noida’s Sector 51 and arrested five people, including four analysts, and found eight snakes and poison. Additionally, snakes are also allegedly used during religious ceremonies to film videos of Mr. Yadav.

A popular YouTuber has posted several snake videos on his channel.

How did they hijack the Venom-Rave Party?

After seeing Elvish yadav youtube videos, the animal rights organization PFA (People For Animals), led by BJP leader Maneka Gandhi, called him while hiding his name and identity. They asked him to give them the snakes and their venom. The accused, who is 26 years old, allegedly gave number one to Rahul and invited him to the 51st party. The PFA team found four snakes – Jaikaran, Titunath, Narayan, and Ravinath – along with eight snakes, five cobras, and 20 ml of snake venom. Soon, a team from the Noida police and forest department was called, and they all were arrested.

Elvish yadav youtube denied all allegations

Mr. Yadav, who was questioned earlier by the police, denied any involvement in the matter. “It’s baseless, false, and not even 1% true,” he said. Police have previously stated that he was not present at the event, and his role in the whole affair is under investigation. However, Maneka Gandhi accused Yadav of being involved in the illegal sale of snake venom and demanded his immediate arrest. “He (Elvish Yadav) is on the run now, but he must be arrested.”

Elvish Yadav beats him

Elvish yadav youtube is facing some controversy as he recently accused fellow YouTuber Maxtern of harassment and attempted murder. Videos of Elvish Yadav beating Maxtern have gone viral on social media, and people want him arrested in this case. Maxtern filed an FIR in this regard, but the two argued over it and posted it on social media.

Elvish yadav youtube However, the police said that Yadav was not present at the event, and they were investigating the entire case regarding the use of snake venom as a recreational drug. PFA president and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi accused Yadav of being involved in the illegal sale of snake venom and demanded his immediate arrest. On November 4, Yadav was briefly stopped for questioning by police in Rajasthan’s Kota district while driving with his friends but was released soon after.

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